3 Ways To Tell If Your Man Is Really Into You!

So you’re in a relationship, but still not sure if your man loves you or not? It’s a haunting feeling most women who are dating or in relationships feel. When a man says, “I Love You,” to someone he loves, it’s considered a game changer. It’s a commitment of the biggest kind. But, why is that you still doubt his feelings towards you? It’s important for you to know this answer as no matter how many times a man says these three simple words; it’s meaningless if you can’t feel the emotion behind them.

Here are three ways for you to find out if your man loves you:

1. He makes you feel and be special
When a guy loves you deeply, he will do a ton of things to show how special you’re to him and how much you mean to his life. He pays full attention to your feelings. He shows concern for your well-being. He will also show his willingness to go an extra mile to do something to make you happy and feel excited. In short, he has taken you to be the most important person in his life. It’s a feeling, you’ll feel there. If it’s there, you’ll feel it. If you don’t feel it, there’s nothing to do.

2. He doesn’t try to change you
If a man has doubts regarding your feelings towards him, he’ll try to find out ways to change some things about you. If that’ the case, love won’t flourish in the relationship. You can’t keep romance and judgment in the same room. If you see that you’re finding it difficult to live up to his expectations, then this man isn’t right for you. There is no point in changing you into a woman he wants and your traits he needs to change. If a guy truly loves and adores you, he appreciates who you are. He starts to love you even more as he finds more and more about you as the relationship progresses.

3. He puts his trust on you with his feelings
You can find love in a place devoid of any intimacy. Intimacy is the ability to allow a person to feel a part of you, which you don’t share with anyone else. It’s one of the essential elements in a romantic relationship, and without it, the relationship has little chance to succeed. We all desire to have a significant someone in our lives with whom we can safely and comfortably share some of our intimate and secret feelings and thoughts. Women are more familiar to this than men. But it becomes easy for men if they can find a man with whom they can open up about their deepest desires, thoughts, and feelings, without being labeled as unmanly or weak. Sharing a secret part of him with a woman he loves makes his love meaningful.

The bottom line is if a man loves a woman, he makes her feel special and desirable. He will cherish her. He will desire her and will do everything to make her feel happy. He will love you the way she is and will share his deepest desires, thoughts, and feelings with her.

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