Hurtful Words: 30 Things You Should Never Say To Your Partner

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Arguments happen in relationships. That's a fact. There's no way you can have a relationship without getting into a few arguments. It's totally okay and normal to argue with your partner, but it's important to be mindful of what you say during an argument. Certain things will do permanent damage to your partner and will have lasting effects long after the argument is over. You cannot take back what you say, so you want to make sure you don't say something you'll regret. Below are 30 things you should never say to your partner:

  1. You're too dramatic.
  2. Why aren't you more like *insert someone here*?
  3. I wish you weren't so lazy.
  4. I was happier before I met you.
  5. You've been a waste of my time.
  6. You can't do anything right.
  7. I don't care how you feel.
  8. You eat too much.
  9. You've gained weight.
  10. You should dress differently.
  11. You looked better before.
  12. I don't care about your family.
  13. I wish you made more money.
  14. You didn't even graduate.
  15. Your don't have a good job.
  16. My ex was better than you.
  17. I had more fun in my previous relationship.
  18. You bore me.
  19. I'm embarrassed of you.
  20. I feel better when you're not around.
  21. I hate hanging out with you.
  22. You don't know anything.
  23. You're a bad parent.
  24. My friends think I can do better than you.
  25. I wish I never met you.
  26. I should've went out with *insert someone here* instead of you.
  27. Everything is always your fault.
  28. I don't need you in my life.
  29. Other people want me/flirt with me all the time.
  30. I could find someone better than you in a heartbeat.

things you shouldn't say in a relationship

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