33 Things You Should Never Do In a Healthy Relationship

Being in love is a wonderful feeling. Love makes the world go around. Falling in love with someone is the easy part. Making the relationship long-lasting and healthy, that’s the tricky part. Unless you and your spouse fulfill your own duties and responsibilities in the relationship, it will cease to be successful and healthy. Ask yourself how healthy your relationship is. It can be challenging to accept that you are finally in a relationship with someone who has the ability and the willingness to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. When you are in a relationship, you should always hope for the best for yourself and your partner.

Finding a healthy, fulfilling relationship is hard but once you do, you should make every effort to make it last. Consider yourself fortunate if you have found someone who is both your best friend and your partner. Love requires work, honest communication, and selflessness. A healthy relationship should have the ability to change and adapt to one’s everyday challenges.

Below is a list of 33 things that you should never think of doing if you want to maintain a healthy relationship:

1. Stop or skip kissing. Always kiss your partner!
2. Stop hugging and cuddling each other.
3. Nag each other over petty or insignificant topics.
4. Go to bed angry.
5. Forget or delay texting your partner back.
6. Be mean or show aggressiveness for no apparent reason.
7. Be hypercritical.
8. Talk to your therapist about your relationship problems instead of your partner.
9. Forget or neglect your friends.
10. Not acknowledge or accept each other’s differences.
11. Take each other for granted.
12. Stop holding hands.
13. Refuse to be vulnerable.
14. Be selfish and put yourself first all the time.
15. Be narcissistic.
16. Doubt your feelings and your spouse’s feelings.
17. Say “I love you” to each other without meaning it.
18. Have false or unrealistic expectations.
19. Hide inner thoughts and emotions from each other.
20. Exaggerate your thoughts and feelings about your significant other.
21. Forget to make enough coffee/tea for each other in the morning.
22. Refuse to grow together.
23. Neglect or ignore having a conversation about your future.
24. Forgett to regularly check on each other feelings and how things are going in the relationship.
25. Expect too much from each other.
26. Not adjust to each other’s sleep styles or patterns.
27. Talk to your friends about your girlfriend/boyfriend instead of talking to them.
28. Gett overly comfortable with each other, so you stop knowing each other anymore and having adventures together.
29. Forge that love is a challenge that needs work every single day.
30. Stop reminding each other how magical, beautiful, and wonderful you both are.
31. Stop nurturing each other and bringing out the best of each other.
32. Stop arguing or fighting for each other and for the relationship and life that you have built together, even when necessary.
33. Avoid having wild, kinky sex or turning down a partner if he/she makes an effort for it.

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