35 Ways That Your Relationship Will Change When You Hit Middle-Age

how a relationship can change

You may not realize this but as you age, your relationship or marriage ages right along with you. As time goes on, your relationship changes in many ways – for better or worse. It's very unlikely that your relationship will look or feel exactly like it did when you were in your early 20's…and this is totally normal! You're not the same exact person that you were back then, so you can't expect your partner or your relationship to be either. Here are 35 ways that your relationship will change when you hit middle-age:

  1. You have more respect for your partner's career.
  2. You're able to tolerate their annoying quirks.
  3. Fights are way easier to get through.
  4. You've learned to put your relationship above all else.
  5. You love each other more than ever before.
  6. Taking care of your partner doesn't feel like a burden.
  7. You know how to give each other space.
  8. You've figured out how to really satisfy them sexually.
  9. “Sexy” means something very different than it used to.
  10. You can finally tolerate your in-laws.
  11. You're negotiating how to raise children.
  12. Other married or long-term couples become your best friends.
  13. You're seeing your friends go through divorces.
  14. You've experienced the death of your first pets together.
  15. You don't feel the need to do everything together.
  16. There is nothing that is left to the imagination anymore.
  17. You know what small things annoy your partner.
  18. You don't feel so bad about making compromises for your partner.
  19. The foundation of your relationship is stronger than ever.
  20. You realize that you don't have everything in common…and that it's okay.
  21. You may be seeing your children go off to college.
  22. You won't want sex as often as you used to.
  23. You'll enjoy doing more mundane things together.
  24. It's harder to surprise your partner.
  25. You can figure out your finances together.
  26. You can show your love in more subtle ways.
  27. Planning for old-age becomes necessary.
  28. You may be spending most of your time taking care of older family members.
  29. You'll have learned to appreciate the small things your partner does.
  30. You know how to divide household chores.
  31. You may have to see your partner through a mid-life crisis or vice versa.
  32. You've learned how to say “no” to your partner.
  33. Moving to somewhere quiet is suddenly appealing.
  34. You'll both become less physical attractive and you may or may not care.
  35. You love each other more than you ever have before.

how your marriage will change

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