4 Conversations That You Shouldn’t Have On a First Date

If you’ve been single, or have been on a few dates by now, you probably know the drill. He asks where’s your hometown, what you do for a living, or you ask for his job. He asks you what’s your favorite color, and you ask him about his hobbies. It’s the same old conversation only the person is different unless you happen to meet an amazing date! It’s boring, and it can be tempting to bring something else to the table to talk about, unless you know which topic you need to bring up. Otherwise, the other person might get offended, and there goes your chance of having a second date.

Here are four topics you should talk about in the first date.

1. Talking About Exes

I don’t have to explain it as it's pretty self-explanatory. Talking about your ex or your past relationship at the first date is like throwing water on the fire that’s barely started to lit. While it's natural to talk about your exes and previous relationship later into the relationship, it’s never a good idea to bring the topic during the early stages of dating especially in the first date. The reason it can make your date insecure, jealous, and possibly make him or her to talk about their exes too.

2. Talking About The Future

You just been to only one date and barely know your new love interest. So, it better if you don’t bring out future relationship plans like moving in, marriage, kids, etc. It’s like putting the cart before the horse. Instead, relax, take a few deep breaths and savor your first date. Enjoy it. Keep hold of all awkward moments and stressful situations and don’t discuss how he or she will want to see you in a few years. Or, when do you want to get married, how many kids you want to have, his plans, and so forth, you get the idea. It’s okay to have this conversation after seven or eight dates later, but never in the first date.

3. Talking About Money

Finding a partner with a healthy financial situation may seem like a good catch, but if you ask your date questions about their salaries or finances on the first date, it can be a deal-breaker for some. They may think that you’re a gold-digger, instead of someone who wants to be in a relationship. While it’s important to know if your date has serious debts issues before being in a long–term relationship, but that should be a topic of discussion on the second date or if you’ve made your dating status official.

4. Talking About Families

Talking about how many siblings you’ve, your parents, or whether he or she is the middle child is never a good conversation topic on the first date. Though, it may seem very trivial to you, but family details re personal and intimate affairs, that can’t be shared with anyone, particularly with the person who you’ve just started to know. The same can be said while meeting the family too. There will be plenty of time for both of you to get familiar with each other’s families, but that time is well reserved when you both are dating officially.

Talking about your past relationships, exes, finances, and families aren’t good conversation starters in the first date. It’s your first date and knowing more about each other’s personality should be your priority.

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