4 Dating Secrets Nobody Tells You About Winning His Heart

When a man says that he isn’t ready for a relationship, what he’s actually trying to say that he’s just not ready to be in a relationship with you. But, when he eventually comes across that one woman who resembles the woman he always envisioned in his dreams, he'll commit to her no matter what because he doesn't want to risk losing her.

Here are four things most guys need but won't tell you before they can fully commit to the relationship:

1. He Wants You To Desire Him
Making a man happy is easy. All you’ve to do is it to give in into his basic, animalistic desire. To be honest, deep down he needs to want you, yearn and longs for you. He misses when you aren’t around. He feels alone when you aren’t around. He will lust for you if he hasn’t seen you for a while. Therefore, whenever he lusts for you, surrender to him, and release the tension that has been building up for so long. You can create this tension by your sexuality. Tease him, playfully run from him, and then give into him. Also, give him lustful stares, send him sexy or flirty notes during the day, kiss him, grab him and so on and so forth.

2. He Needs Your Respect
Respect is the foundation of any relationship that will endure and last for a lifetime. Respect can help rekindle a relationship after the romance and lust fizzled out long ago. Men are attracted and marry women who appreciate them, even if the woman he’s dating isn’t fully in love with him. Guys don’t always need love to be in a relationship, as most of them might sleep, talk, and even care about the woman they love and lust. So, try finding out what makes your respect your boyfriend. Why are you proud of him and acknowledge him for? What things can you do that will make feel good about himself? Find the answers and tell him. Don’t just tell that you merely love him; tell him honestly why you love him.

3. He Wants To Feel Emotionally Safe With You
If you want to have a happy and healthy relationship make sure that your man is happy with his emotional health. If you let go of your bitterness, anger, or any resentment you have toward him, you’re making him feel insecure. This takes through trust. If you start trusting him, he will begin to trust you too. To make a relationship work and thrive, both of you should allow yourself to be vulnerable. In this situation, women, usually, are the initiators. Men are just looking for someone to lead them into the vulnerable oblivion.

4. He needs you to challenge him, and feel awe and wonder
Men need challenges to grow. Challenges make men conquer and win. Challenge is the path men take to secure success, which is the best for them to feel respected. Understand the strength of your sense of your values, know what is important to you and stand by it. All these create a challenge that will eventually strengthen the relationship. Besides, the challenges, another great way to make your man happy in a loving relationship are the good, old-fashioned excitement. Sometimes acting a little crazy can be good. Often, women are made to feel bad about being emotional and acting unpredictable. But, it’s these feminine qualities that embrace your femininity, which is incredibly attractive to them and makes a fall deeper and deeper in love with you.

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