4 Disturbing Signs You Are In A Relationship That Is Wrong And Toxic

Staying in a relationship that is wrong, abusive and toxic is unhealthy in every way. If you are looking for a relationship or already in one, you probably have come across couples in relationships that make them miserable and depressed. You feel disappointed, and you don’t understand it. To you and for everyone else, relationships are supposed to make each other’s life better, not worse.

Below are four disturbing signs that indicate you are in the wrong relationship. And if you see any of these scary signs in your existing relationship, it’s time for you to get your shit together and get out from that relationship and find someone else.

1. Abuse
If someone loves you, it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman, they would never abuse you, physically or emotionally or verbally. And if they do, it’s clear that they do not love you. Sure, they will say they love you, but actually, they don’t. Men and women who sincerely love their partners, don’t abuse them, period. In fact, it’s the opposite. They are caring and compassionate towards them. So, if your partner abuses you in any way or form, get out from that relationship now. No excuses and no explanations.

2. Never Ending Fights
If you and your girlfriend can’t get along each other and fight all the time, why would you want to deal with that kind of relationship? Why would anyone want to be stressed out or have a high blood pressure due to all that constant arguments? Isn’t a romantic relationship all about living in peace and happiness with your significant other every day and every night? You should in a relationship or married with someone you can have fun and laugh with all the time, not with someone who will argue with you now and then and is a source of pain and anger.

3. You love them despite all the negatives
If you keep telling yourself all the time that you still are in love with your girlfriend despite she’s an alcoholic and always drinking, then something isn’t right in your relationship. If you are in a position in your relationship where you have to validate all the red flags or negative qualities of your partner consistently, and also in love with her, it’s time for you to rethink the future of your relationship and the direction it is heading. We are suggesting you get out from this relationship because she’s a loser and not the right woman for you.

4. They are married to somebody else.
If you are dating someone and find out, they are “in the process of getting a divorce” or “separated” or “legally married to someone else” quit the relationship immediately. Why? Because the woman you are dating is legally, and technically committed to someone else. They are not fully committed to you, and it’s also highly likely that they will change their mind about getting separated or divorced, and reunite with their former partner. Also be careful while dating someone or falling in love with someone who has been married multiple times or has a history of failed marriages.  These people are not committed and full of trouble and heartache.

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