4 Harsh Truths About Being In Love With An Assertive Woman

So you have met someone who is loud, spunky and spontaneous, and you are in love with her. Or it can be the other situation, you want to be in a committed relationship with her, but for some reason, she intimidates you. It appears that you have met an assertive woman for the first time and don’t know much about loving an assertive woman.

Below are four things what it is like being in love with an assertive woman:

1. She draws attention to herself
Assertive women tend to draw a lot of attention to themselves. It’s not intentional, it just happens, and they can’t help it. When they walk, it looks like they own the place. They are loud and zesty, and even if they say, “Hi or Hello” it appears like they are shouting and asking people to notice them. Your peppy girlfriend is drawing attention to her by her energy and confidence. It doesn’t mean that she wants the spotlight. And if you have any problems with it, guess what it’s not a problem. It’s your problem because you are feeling insecure about yourself.

2. She can command any situation
If you are dating a loud and sassy lady, she can command to any situation very easily, if she is willing to do it. People like her and appreciate her personality. Still, most guys have cold feet when it comes to being in a committed relationship with her at times simply because she is a woman and assertive. The society isn’t that supportive of a woman who is loud and assertive. If you feel insecure, uncomfortable, or threatened because she can work with the crowd and can genuinely get positive responses from other people, then it’s your problem. Instead, be glad for it, and even if you still can’t help it, that's a shame. Why? Because most men want to be with a strong and confident woman.

3. She chose you, but she doesn't need you
If an assertive woman wants to find some quality time with someone, she can find a company anywhere she goes. It’s not a big deal for her. So, if you happen to be in a relationship with a loud and assertive lady, it means that she's chosen to spend time with you. Remember, she wants you, no doubt about it, but she just doesn't need you. Needing and wanting someone else’s company are two different things, and there is a huge difference between them. But, bear in your mind that she decided to spend time with you because she has a good heart and wants to root for you.

4. She will always tell you the truth
When it comes to romantic partners, assertive women are always honest with their partners. When you are in love with a loud and assertive woman, you don’t have to worry whether she’s holding your life back or whether she’s lying about her feelings she has for you. She will tell you exactly what she feels and thinks about you because assertive women are pretty terrible at telling lies, even white lies.

Keep in mind that dating a loud and assertive woman can be a good thing, and you are on your way of having a wild ride in your relationship. And once she is yours, she will be yours for good.

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