4 MustTackle Intimacy Issues That Might Scare You

Apart from the popular belief, intimacy isn’t purely physical. It’s not necessary to be sexually involved with someone to be intimate with them. Rather, intimacy is a bond that builds over time between two people that involves spiritual trust, emotional closeness, spiritual trust, and physical closeness. But, establishing intimacy both physical and emotional isn’t easy as it’s rife with many issues.

Here are four intimacy issues most of us are afraid to face and which must be tackled head on.

1. How can I define and pace my physical relationship
Intimacy is not solely a sexual issue; we told that before. But, the physical connection does play a role. When you meet someone you like and start dating him or her, topics like “how soon” or “how much” can be intimidating. It’s true that you take things slow in the relationship, but it’s also imperative that you express your desires and feelings honestly and directly if you want your relationship to be a success. So how do you talk about the topic? At first, locate a safe and comfortable environment. Second, make your potential partner at ease by letting them know how much you care and value them. Finally, call on your inner strength, and communicate your needs.

2. How to communicate your emotional desires and needs
Communicating your emotional needs is equally as important as your physical desires in an intimate relationship. By regularly expressing your feelings and needs in healthy ways, you’re demonstrating your emotional well-being to your potential partner. If you get a favorable response, while working on fulfilling your emotional needs as well as addressing theirs, you’re well in the right way in building a solid foundation of intimacy.

3. How to establish and maintain trust
In a healthy intimate relationship, trust is a key element. But, building trust takes time. Therefore, give yourself and your partner some time threading on this very delicate issue. Reveal yourselves slowly and carefully to each other. Pay close attention to the other person’s actions and words. As you keep explaining yourself ask yourself how does it feel? Do you feel safe and comfortable? If yes, then keep going. You’re on your way in building an intimate relationship with your potential boyfriend or girlfriend.

4. How to talk about exclusivity in your relationship
This topic is by far one of the toughest intimacy issues to talk about in any new romantic relationship. How do you know that you both are in an exclusive relationship? Have you taken things too fast, too soon? Are you in a safe spot to talk about it? Instead of letting your fear or insecurities to engulf you completely, call in your inner strength and when the moment comes, have a discussion about it. For instance, taking about being exclusive on a first date is very soon and not a wise decision. However, if you’ve been dating for a few weeks or months, engaged in an intimate physical relationship, started to talk about the future of your relationship, then we can safely tell that it’s time for a heart to heart conversation about making things exclusive with your partner.

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