4 New Dating Rules Everyone Should Follow – Well Sort Of!

We all tend to be idealistic sometimes, but it would be great if there were a new set of absolute dating rules that everyone should adhere to – sort of. There are always new rules for traffic, driving, sport, so why dating should be left out? The dating experience would be more enjoyable to everyone if they followed some general guideless, particularly kindness.

So, here are the proposed four new rules of dating:

#1 When You Speak Be Impeccable

This quality itself will tremendously transform the way we date with someone. If you find someone who is truthful and honest about what they say and do, and mindful about, it’s very attractive. Also if people spoke honestly and thoughtfully, and realize that their words can have consequences, doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, very few relationships would have broken up.

#2 Don’t Make Anything Personal

This one is crucial. Rejection is a part of the dating process, and the less importance we pay to rejection while dating, and not taking it personally. It will be a real blessing. If we like someone, go on a date, and the next day, when we hear he or she doesn’t want to see you again, it has absolutely nothing to do with you. There is nothing wrong with your date and yourself either. The date didn’t click because there wasn’t any real chemistry between the two of you. Period. So, get over it, move on, and take the whole thing as a learning experience that can come in handy for your next date. And please don’t punish yourself up for it. Instead, be kind to yourself and love yourself.

#3 Don’t Make Any Assumptions

We all make presumptions whether it’s right or wrong. We do this while we are dating too. Most men and women while looking for someone to date always make assumptions about a person’s behaviors, actions or personality, without even knowing them. And, in most cases, they’re wrong. What’s more frustrating is that they don’t learn from it, and keeps on repeating this unwanted habit over and over again. So, what’s the best thing you should do? Try not to sit around and waste your time and mental effort of speculating of what he or she meant when they said something or why did she say that, or why he or she hasn’t called or texted. Invest your time and energy on something more productive, like spending quality time with close friends and family.

#4 Always Do Your Best

This one is really encouraging. Be the best of yourself every moment and every day. Always striving to do your best will make you more hopeful and drive you sorrows and regrets away. You’ll enjoy your life better and be happier if you be honorable and act accordingly.

Relationships should be all about bringing the best within us. Being honest, committed, and respectful to each other is the bedrock of any relationship to last and thrive in the long-term. Following these new guidelines will help to prepare yourself so that you can meet someone who values to be in a long-term relationship.

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