4 Profile Photo Rules That Will Attract The Best Girls To Your Online Dating Profile

So, you decided to meet someone and give online dating a try. It’s forward-thinking and proactive. But there are something no one tells you about online dating that you should be careful about. Otherwise, they might become counterintuitive for your online dating experience. And understanding what kind of photos you need to upload to attract more women to your online dating profile is one of them.

Nobody tells you how to make the most attractive online profile, giving the fact the concept is relatively new for most people. We can’t ask our parents for help because they did meet each other on Tinder! So, we have to rely on the trial and error method, and the good news is that we can learn from our mistakes and repeat it again.

Before we start, let’s make one thing clear: pictures aren’t everything. When it comes to online dating, it’s familiar to most people have high expectations and often nitpick their potential matches. But, keep mind that doesn't say much about a person. If you don’t think like this, you’ll never to able to date a woman. Therefore, we would suggest you put more emphasis in promoting yourself as a mature and empathetic person, who is capable of being in a committed relationship with a woman, to your potential partners.

Here are four rules everyone dating looking for women online should follow, draw women in with your most attractive profile pictures or selfies.

  1. Upload or post just a few photos and only your best ones. You should have between three to five photos uploaded to your online dating profile. Remember to include a primary shot; an activity shot and a full-length body shot. This way the ladies can see your handsome face and your body, and also get an idea of something or activity you like doing or enjoy such as skiing, painting, etc.
  2. Let the ladies tell which you uploaded they like the most. After all, you’re looking for a woman, and they’re the ones you are trying to attract. So, let them in which photograph you look the best. Taking a selfie in the bathroom or the gym without your shirt might seem like a good idea to attract the ladies, to them, you might just come across as desperate.
  3. Show your eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul, or least that’s what they’re telling us. Whether that's true of not, the eyes are, no doubt, one of the most expressive features in a man or a woman. So, if you want girls to notice you, then don't hide them behind a pair of shades!
  4. While looking for someone online, avoid showing too much depth in your photographs. Girls won’t be drooling or going to be attracted to your pictures if they’re too dark, too grainy, too artsy, too goofy, too bright, too posed or even too sexy. Share photos that you took in a normal setting and try to look natural. To be honest, women simply like to see pictures of you on how you look on a typical day and doing the things you like.

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