4 Qualities To Look For In A Man During Dating

Most women want to date a man, who is kind, loving, caring, tall, handsome, successful, etc., but they’re finding it hard to find someone with all those qualities. But, what if I told you that you’ve met and have been surrounded by high-quality men, but failed to recognize them. This is why a lot of women have passed on great guys and settled for men not right for them.

Anyways, there is the way how you can spot a high-quality man, in case you’re looking for one. Read on to find out:

1. Integrity
A man with a high integrity will be honest and have strong moral principles. When he makes a promise, he will do everything to keep his word. He walks the walk and talks the talk. If you date a man with integrity, there is little chance that he will disappoint you in the relationship. He will always make the decision that is right for you and him and the relationship as well. While dating such a man, he will call you for a date, and if he’s late, he will let you know about it or apologize. A man with integrity is also committed in his professional life too.

2. Purpose
Great guys need a purpose in life. Most people tell a man’s ultimate purpose in life is to have a relationship, have a family and strive to provide for his family. It’s true to some extent, but it doesn’t completely satisfy a man’s purpose. It is difficult for women to digest this fact, but it’s true. A man actually finds his purpose in what he does and how his work contributes to the world. A man with a mission will be passionate about his career and the services he provides. He’s always excited about his work a, strives his best to achieve his goals and tries to make a difference in other people’s lives.

3. Perseverance
This is one of the most important qualities to look for in a man. Life isn’t always kind and is rife with adversity and challenges. So, you need a man who can persevere, face any challenges that come in the way and overcome it. Perseverance will make a man get up when he’s knocked down. He will recommit to his purpose and tries to achieve his goals when he fails, again and again. Perseverance is what keeps a man moving forward and remains committed to his goals and relationships, no matter how hard things get.

4. Commitment
Commitment is the building blocks of integrity and purpose. Most women think of commitment as to have a loving, committed and monogamous relationship. But, there is more to it. You must be committed to learn, grow and use the tools that will help you achieve your purpose. If you lack the commitment to fulfill your purpose or lack the integrity to be committed, you can’t have a loving, long-lasting relationship.

Overall, these four qualities don't apply for men only; it can be applied to women also. If you’re looking for a lady or a man, and want to have a committed, long-lasting relationship, he or she must possess these qualities.

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