4 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Boyfriend!

You can’t have a healthy, lasting relationship if there is a lack of communication in the relationship. Healthy communication is vital in a healthy relationship, and most men are willing to answer any questions their girlfriends throw at them. However, there are few questions that you should never ask your boyfriend unless you want him to be super angry and irritated to you.

Here are four questions to never ask a man, no matter what.

1. Do You Think I Look Fat?
Most men resent this question. Why? Because, first of all, there is no clear or right answer to this question. If he says “no,” his partner might accuse him of lying. If he says, “yes,” in a brutal and honest way, it will only hurt her feelings. Guys are attracted to confident and strong women, who love themselves. But, asking questions like these will make you look needy and insecure.

2. What Was Your Ex Like?
Consider what your intentions are, before you ask your man this question. Are you trying to get an insight into what are his preferences in women, or what types of women he feels attracted to? This question shows that you are nosy, curious, and feel jealous that he's been in love with someone before you came. Now that you've come to understand why you asked this question consider this: does it matter? If your man isn’t dating her anymore and is with you now, what else you need to know that’s important. As we said earlier, asking questions like these will make you look needy and insecure. Your man ended his previous relationship for a reason. Therefore, don't give him a reason to look back.

3. Will You Call Me When You Reach There? Will You Text Me When You Reach There? Will You Text Me When You Are Leaving? Will You Call Me When You Go To Bed?
Guys love to call and text their girlfriends. But, remember they do this because when they want to do, not for the reason that you owe them to do this, or feel like they have to. A guy will slowly begin to resent you more and more each time when he feels like he has to call or text you and “report or document” his every move or anything he does, or anywhere he feels like going. You might feel safe and secure getting his phone calls and texts, but that won’t make him love you more. Rather it will be much better for you enjoy the attention he will give you if your guy makes his own choices about what he wants you to know, and let him tell you that he's thinking about you and that you're very important in his life.

4. How Do You See Us After 10 Or 15 Years?
Heck, many men don't have a 5-year plan for their relationship, let alone a 10 or a 15-year plan. Guys like to live in the moment, and they enjoy every second they spend with the woman they genuinely love and care about. However, this doesn’t mean that guys don't want long-term goals. It’s different for them. When a guy is in a committed, intimate relationship with you, he is not actually thinking how the relationship will turn out after ten years down the road. Most likely, he's happy with how things are going and just wants it to be it that way.


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