4 Reasons You Keep Getting Into Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Do you find yourself dating the wrong people over and over? Do you constantly end up in emotionally abusive relationships? If this sounds like your love life, you’re not alone. For some people, their past relationships have been so abusive that they've decided to remain single. If you've been through numerous emotionally abusive relationships and want to stop the cycle, you need to figure out why you keep entering into bad relationships.

There are many issues that need to be looked into that will help us to explain why you keep dating the wrong people over and over again. The following are four reasons that you may be entering into emotionally abusive relationships:

Your parents were emotionally abusive.

Individuals who have emotionally abusive relationships with their parents are more likely to choose abusive partners. You believe that if you can get this abusive, unloving person to love you, then you might also regain the love from your parents that you didn’t receive while growing up. The problem here is that this won't work. You can’t make an unloving man or woman become loving. If you’re in an abusive family, you should follow other approaches to make your parents love you. The reality is trying to win someone's love will only hurt you.

You allow other people to treat you the way you treat yourself.

If you don't love yourself, no one else will either. It's very simple. If you are consistently down on yourself and accept less than you deserve, that is exactly what you will receive. To free yourself from emotionally abusive relationships, you first need to learn to love and value yourself.

You don't like to share your feelings.

We feel depressed and lonely when we don't have anyone to share our thoughts and feelings with. Most of us like to share our love and feelings, and by sharing it, most of our deepest issues in our relationships come up. The challenge here is to find a partner who is willing to open up and learn about themselves and you, so that both of you can work together through the healing process. The more you’re open and willing to know about your feelings, the more you’ll be able to attract someone with whom you can learn and grow. However, the primary challenge is to become the person with whom you want to share your love and feelings. This will break the pattern of why you fall for the wrong people and attract a partner who isn’t right for you.

You keep thinking you can accomplish this alone.

When you’re looking to date someone and grew up with no role models for loving yourself, you’ll keep dating the wrong kind of person. To get out of this cycle, you may need some help in learning how to do this. Reach out for help on how to learn to connect with your spirituality and how it feels to love yourself. Both of these approaches are an important part of loving and taking care of yourself.

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