4 Reasons You’re Still Single

Let’s make one thing clear: You don’t have to be alone all your life. You will find someone. Sure, you will find folks who are jumping from one relationship to another, while some people are single and have remained that way for many years.

If you're wondering why you are still single, you may want to take a look at some of the reasons below. Later, you can begin to stop self-deprecating and doubting yourself, and begin your quest for a stable and healthy relationship. Let’s go!

1. You are a perfectionist, an obsessive perfectionist

Sometimes people can be too much of a perfectionist when they are looking for a partner. In most cases, they reject anyone with a small flaw or who doesn't perfectly match the qualities in their list of what they want to see in their future partner. What this single person needs to acknowledge is that we all have flaws. No one is perfect. They will never find someone who will fulfill all of their requirements. They just need to meet different types of people with a broader mind. This will also help them to do some self-analysis of their own and realize what their own imperfections are.

2. You have low self-esteem and confidence

Sometimes people stay perpetually single because they don’t feel good about themselves. They don’t like to open up or share their thoughts and feelings to someone else such as their friends or co-workers. They will carry on this behavior when they are in a relationship. They won’t open or share anything with their partners. This individual requires therapy and counseling and needs to learn how to feel good about him/herself. They need to figure out how to trust their own emotions. Unless this person loves him/herself, they won’t be able to find someone who will love them. Besides liking themselves, they should also try to love the other person.

3. You are afraid of commitment and what it really means

Some people enjoy dating and like meeting different types of individuals. But deep within themselves they feel afraid that they will have to pass up the next good man or woman they meet. It doesn’t matter how good or perfect that the man or woman they meet is, there is a voice in their head telling them not to get serious with him or her. Why? Because they are thinking that they will meet a better person than they are meeting now. These perpetually single people need to know they won’t find their true love because there will always be someone better than him or her. We just need to find someone who will commit and bring out the best qualities in their relationship.

4. You are too uninteresting

Sometimes people fail to be in relationships because they are simply boring. They are not interesting enough. They don’t have hobbies or interests. They don’t have anything to do that they are passionate about. They don’t have goals. You can fix this. If you really want to be in a relationship and bid farewell to your singleness, just get out there. Try different things. Enjoy life. Find something you love to do. It will help you meet someone who likes to do things you love and shares similar interests with you.

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