4 Scientific Facts About Breakups

Don't you think that science is everywhere? Yes, science does exist in all the occurrences around and within us. The relationship between men and women is a divine thing on earth but when two people decide to walk on different roads, breakup inevitably comes in their way.

Going through the consequences of a breakup is like living in the hell. Though time heals everything, the healing process doesn't end in a day. Here are four scientific facts about a breakup that may help you introduce with the reality and heal your wounds faster –

1. Stalking you ex on social platforms makes is tough to forget them
The rule of thumb to follow after a breakup is to create a permanent distance with your partner. Since staying separated is both of your mutual decision, respect it. Scientists have found that staying connected to your ex on Facebook or Instagram interrupts the healing and it becomes tougher to move on with life. Unfriending or unfollowing your ex can be as effective as ripping off your bandage.
2. Enduring a breakup is as hard as stopping a drug addiction

The area of the brain which is sensitive to the feeling of affection is the same area that is engaged with the feeling of drug addiction. A comparison between the brains of people in love and the people in breakup showed significant differences in cells pattern of the brain. They also studied on the brains of drug-addicted people and found similarities with that of the individuals with a breakup. It's logical why breakups are so painful.

3. Men suffer more than women in the long run
A study from the Binghamton University found that women are more hurt than men at the initial stage of a breakup but men struggle more to move on and forget everything. It happens because women are usually more dedicated to maintaining a relationship. When a woman goes through a breakup, she might be very upset, but deep inside she knows that she did her best. On the other hand, a man gradually finds out the things that he overlooked for months or years, and it mentally kills him mentally.

4. Relationships become fragile when women earn more
Though it's the right of every woman to work and earn as much as she deserves, men hardly appreciate this fact. Women are considered as the thread that binds the whole family together. The society still bothered with the fact that maintaining a happy family is the prime duty of a woman. For this reason, when a woman earns more, works extra hours till the night, or attends business parties, she fails to look after the family. It aids her man's extramarital affair, a breakup or even leads to divorce.

Some other scientific facts include suffering from identity crisis, degradation of values or going astray. People also make suicidal attempts when they fail to digest the pain of separation. However, it's found that studying on breakups and their consequences help people get over it soon.

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