4 Signs Your Girlfriend Has No Real Interest In A Relationship

If you come across someone who is looking for a relationship, it doesn't always mean he or she truly wants one. Anyone can say the right words, but if the words don’t translate into actions, it’s meaningless. It doesn’t matter what your girlfriend or partner says about wanting a relationship; what actually matters is her behavior. If your girlfriend or partner is serious about the relationship, she will keep her word about plans, be honest with you and be committed to spending more time with you.

Before we look into the signs of someone who doesn’t actually want a committed relationship, let’s look at these two scenarios. Let’s understand what it means if someone says they want a relationship, but they aren’t really looking for one.

A. Your date consciously knows that they aren’t ready for a relationship, but they say it anyway. They are lying because they want to feel “normal.” They also want to experience what it’s like to be in a serious relationship.

B. Your date is not consciously aware when they say they want a relationship, but actually don’t want one. These men and women aren’t in touch with their thoughts and feelings. They deny it, and have beliefs about love and relationships, but have no clue about themselves. These people get into relationships and after a while realize they are dating someone not right for them. Eventually they feel bored, resentful, and misunderstood. Sadly, these people lack self-awareness and don’t know how to commit.

Here are the four signs of someone who doesn’t want a committed relationship:

1. She promises to call you on a certain day but doesn’t.

This is one of the most obvious signs that you have met someone who either doesn’t want a serious relationship with anyone or just with you. Regardless of your circumstances, it’s highly likely you can’t have a committed relationship with this woman. If someone meets you and thinks that you might be a good match for her, she ought to seize that chance by reaching out to you. She will keep her promise of making contact with you just as she said she would.

2. She resists kissing, cuddling or other physical contacts.

Sure, the woman you are dating seems to like you and says all the right things. But, if she keeps resisting touching, kissing, and making any other intimate physical contact with you, it likely she’s not interested in having a real relationship with you.

3. She hesitates or acts nervous when you talk about the future.

It’s okay to not take things too quickly at the beginning of the relationship, but its fine to discuss one or two things about the future of the relationship. If she looks nervous or hesitates to talk when you bring up these topics, it’s an indication that this person feels anxious about the relationship.

4. She prefers to hang out with her friends rather than spending alone time with you.

If a woman is really interested in an actual relationship, she will make you a part of her personal and social life. She will make you acquainted with her friends, and tell them that you are her boyfriend. She will be more interested in spending time with you. But, if she prefers the opposite of the things we mentioned, she’s not interested in having a relationship with you.

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