4 Things Good Men Do That Seriously Attracts Women

Let’s put an end on focusing on bad guys and direct our attention to good men. But before that let’s be clear one thing: Good men can be totally irresistible! We often hear women criticizing their boyfriends by saying things like, “He’s so selfish” “He only wants sex from me” and so on. Yes, sometimes, it’s only the bad guys who seem to get all the attention. But let’s focus on the good guys for a moment. What do they have that makes people celebrate it? Can we appreciate all of their positive qualities? Will all these positive behavior make women attracted to them?

Below is a list of some of the behaviors women find attractive in good men:

1. Good men are honest
Good men always tell the truth about where he stands and believe about many things, including their partners. Good guys don’t play with the feelings and emotions of the women they date, and they will let them know what he actually feels and thinks about her. Ladies dating a good man will have a sense of stability and trust in them.

2. Good men are grateful
When it comes to dating and relationships, couples appreciating each other is one of most attractive things to see in a romantic relationship. Good guys are compassionate and grateful for the great things they have in their lives, particularly their spouses. You probably heard the saying that it’s not the happy people who are grateful; in fact, it’s the grateful individuals who are happy. Good men value and appreciate what they have. It increases their peace and happiness within themselves and their relationships. Appreciating and expressing gratitude about oneself also creates positive energy, which also helps good men to attract partners with similar attitude and feelings. And all of this results in more joy, more happiness, more gratitude, and unending mutual attraction.

3. Good men listen
We all know and understand very well that good communication is an important aspect of any relationship. Despite that, we still hear complaints from couples, especially women that their partners don’t listen to them. Good men will listen to their girlfriends, and they know how to do it nicely. They are also open learning how to do it properly, in case they don’t know about it. When their partners are talking to them, they will make eye contact, remain quiet, will show that they are connected to them, and will let them know that what they are saying matters to them. A good man knows that his girlfriend’s perspective and feelings are important to him.

4. Good men have empathy
If you are looking for someone, don’t date a girl who is a narcissist. It’s true that narcissists usually get a lot of attention from people, but they lack empathy. Empathy is an important quality to have if you want to have a happy and long-lasting relationship. Good men have this seriously good quality in abundance and can offer it to other too. And it’s seriously attractive. Men who are empathetic have the ability to share and understand the feelings of their significant other, which is crucial if you want to establish a real emotional and physical connection with your partner.

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