4 Things That Make You Attractive Besides Your Physical Appearance

When we talk about the attractiveness of a person, the first thing that comes into our minds is physical attractiveness. Sure, for some people physical looks are important while looking for a partner, but it’s not the main quality to look for in a man or a woman for many others.

Besides, physical appearances, there are many characteristics that make an individual much more attractive and appealing to others. You may have at least one or a few of these qualities, but if you want to make yourself appealing to your future potential partners, you should aim to have as many characteristics as you could.  If you lack some of these characteristics, set a goal to change that. The more attractive traits you possess, the more likely you will someone who will be appealing and attractive to you overall, not simply of the way they look.

Here are four qualities that make you more attractive besides your physical looks:

1. A good listener
We all love to talk about ourselves. And this means someone should be listening to us. So, everyone loves to spend time with a good listener. People, who are good listeners, are amazing because they make you feel important and cared about. If you happen to be a good listener, it’s enough for you to be extremely appealing to everyone, not just to the ladies. You should be proud of yourself of this amazing characteristic you have because it will make you appealing to all of your future dates.

2. Flexible and open to trying new experiences or things
When you start dating someone, you will notice that this person has family, friends, and coworkers, who are different than yours. You also quickly realize that this woman you are dating has her own set of interests, behaviors, and hobbies that they love and have spent a lifetime nurturing them. So, if you want to have a committed relationship with her, you need to be open and flexible to trying new things. If you are a person, who is okay with this, remember that this is a huge advantage.  After all, there are a lot of men and women who refuse to date someone because they feel that their dates are like obligations to them or it takes too much work. If you are a guy, who is flexible and comfortable to try new things of experiences, you will really enjoy being in a relationship and make it thrive.

3. A sense of humor that makes people laugh
Let’s face it; some folks are funnier than others. Some men and women are blessed with a sense of humor that is so wacky, clever or spontaneous that you can’t help but burst into laughter at some of the things they say. If you have a sense of humor that makes people truly laugh, then assure yourself that you have one of the most attractive and sought after qualities any man or woman could have.

4. Pleasant, thoughtful physical affection
We aren’t talking about touch that is overly sexual. We are talking about the way you touch a woman while walking with someone in the park, or having dinner with her. If you know how to make another person feel good emotionally and to connect physically with them without having sex with them, then you’re a very physically affectionate person, which is a great quality to have if you are looking for a great partner.

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