4 Things That Makes Men Insanely Attracted To Women

When it comes to dating, there are things men can do to melt a woman’s heart. Most of these acts are cute, small gestures, and they might be a little deceiving, given a guy’s macho appearance on the outside, but these cute acts or gestures will make women fall for a guy harder. But, before we talk about these gestures, let’s make one thing clear is that everyone is different and are unique in what they think is cute, but there is a general concept that most of these acts will make women go crazy for men.

Here is what the ladies like in men:

1. Random lovely texts throughout the day
Sending random sweet texts such as, “I am thinking about you” or “I love you” all through the day to your girlfriend will have a positive effect on her. We found women saying that when their partners send them texts like these, it shows their genuine and loving side they have for them. The ladies also said that sending texts like these show that she really matters to him.

2. Small gifts out of nowhere
It is common for couples to give birthday or Christmas gifts to each other or at least its expected when seeing or dating someone. But, there is something much more important than giving each other gifts, and that is seeing the smile of your partner. It’s priceless. Remembering Christmas and birthdays is easy, but remembering what your girlfriend’s favorite chocolate is or perfume is, is a little tricky but it’s the most rewarding. If you randomly give a gift to your significant other that she likes a lot, it will mean a lot to her. Also, these small presents point out your caring and selflessness side. It shows how much you appreciate your girlfriend and compassionate towards her. It also makes your partner in thinking that you really do listen to her when she’s taking and you are not just pretending to care. Doing this act every day or randomly will make her believe that you are willing to take that extra step to show her how much she means to you.

3. Acting fatherly around children
We found that women test how genuine and loving their men are by how they behave around kids. After all, how are you supposed to melt a woman’s heart and fall for you, if you are mean to a child? Probably not so much. So, guys if you want to make the ladies hearts to melt into their stomachs, then gather some children and show your sensitive and vulnerable side by being fatherly to them.

4. Having a positive outlook on life
If you are looking for a date, having a positive attitude about life and other things, in general, is sexy. A man or a woman with a positive attitude shows a lot about their character and what defines them as an individual. In this day and age, where men and women are competing for almost everything in life, including partner, and people always comparing with each other, how better they are or inferior to them, having a positive attitude in that type of world means a lot and is admirable.

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