4 Things That Will Make A Girl Fall in Love With You

Let’s be honest: We have all done things we aren’t proud of while trying to make someone fall in love with us. We make ourselves available, spend money in ways we shouldn't, rearrange our schedules, be more accommodating and so on and so forth. And when all of those things don’t give us the results we expect, we feel rejected, frustrated and walk away heartbroken.

We keep wondering ourselves what we did wrong that failed to grab their attention. After all, who doesn’t like attention? But when it comes to love, you can’t make someone love you. So what can you do? You have to go through the basics and love yourself. Loving yourself is a good way to make someone love you. It might not make the person you are interested in love you, but it will definitely make someone love you who is worthy of you. Loving yourself will make you more attractive and will make someone fall in love with you.

Here are four ways you can make someone love you:

1. Do what you love

Do what you love and love what you do. If you are doing something like a job or pursuing a career that doesn’t resonate with you; then you may not love yourself. Stare deep within yourself and figure out what the things are that you are really passionate about. Ask yourself if you are spending your time doing things that excite you. Check in with yourself and see if you are engaged with your life. If not, then it’s time for you to do something that’s different. Doing it is fine. And besides loving yourself, there are extra benefits of doing the work that you love doing.

2. Get involved in activities that make you feel good

Besides work, we all need to do something that makes us feel good. It can be your hobbies, interests or outdoor activities. Whether it’s a physical activity like a sport, or mental activity like art or music, you know best what works for you. Making some time for yourself to do the activities that you love will increase your energy, as well as provide you with incredible benefits.

3. Take good care of your physical body

You need to take good care of your health and overall well-being if you want your energetic spirit flowing. Therefore, take good care of your physical body. Take care of your beautiful body that you have. Find ways to make yourself healthy and fit. Go dancing, swimming, stretching, lift weights, eat healthy; anything that makes you feel good. Taking care of your health is a major step in loving yourself. Why? Because it’s easier for people to notice a healthy body.

4. Recognize yourself

If you are looking for love, it’s important for you to appreciate who you really are and what you bring to the relationship. Self-recognition plays a huge part when it comes to your self-worth and self-love. Loving yourself allows you to be proud of yourself and what you can offer to others. Tell yourself that you are better than what you think about yourself and you have an important part to play in this game called life.

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