4 Things to Know Before Dating a Woman With Kids

Guys, let’s make one thing clear: Dating a mother is no different than dating any other woman. There's only one teeny, tiny difference: …she has kids. Okay, so that isn't the teeniest or tiniest difference, but it shouldn't stop you from dating a woman who happens to be a mother. Women with kids want the same things all women want.

While dating a woman with kids can be strange or difficult for some men, it really shouldn't be. Entering a relationship with a mother can be turn out to be a beautiful thing and guys shouldn't count moms out! Here are four main things to know before you start dating a woman with kids:

She's Still Sexy

There's a crazy notion held by men that once women have children, they aren’t sexy anymore. A lot of men just don;t look at moms as sexual beings. Frankly, this is ridiculous. Having children does not make a woman any less sexy or desirable than she was before having children. We've all heard the term MILF, right? That exists for a reason! Many mothers are absolutely beautiful women, sexy women. They are just as beautiful, if not more, than before they had children.

Children Are the First Priority

This is important to consider before dating a woman with kids. You have to accept that you will not be the first priority. There is nothing wrong with this on her part. A woman's children should always be her first priority and if they aren't, that might not be the kind of woman you want to date. She brought them into this world and they are her main responsibility. If a man is truly interested in dating a mother, this shouldn't be an issue for him. It should be admirable that she cares for her children more than anything. He shouldn't mind playing second fiddle to the kids.

Her Ex Will Be in the Picture

If you're dating a woman with kids, hopefully her ex will still be in the picture. Wait…what?! You never want an ex-boyfriend still in the picture, right? Not the case here. Her children have a father and if he's a good one, he'll still be in the picture even though his relationship with their mother is over. If something like this bothers you, dating a woman with kids might not be a great choice. But if you're really interested in a particular woman who has kids, you shouldn't mind their father being in the picture. Appreciate the fact that the kids have a father who wants to be a part of their life.

She Won't Take Any Crap

Finally, before dating a woman with kids, know that she isn't going to take any of your crap. Moms are tough! Woman with kids are among the strongest people in the world. They have to deal with miniature monsters after all! (No really, kids are great…kind of.) A woman with kids has seen it all and been through it all, so she isn't about to deal with any nonsense from you. She already has children to look after; she doesn't need a grown man to look after also.

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