4 Tips To Create The Perfect Online Dating Profile

When people are asked to describe themselves, we don’t try to be very objective. While creating their online dating profiles, most men and women do it entirely by themselves without asking for help from friends or family. But, you really need some feedback from people near to you to create the best online dating profile that will attract only the right people for you.

Here are four steps that will contribute to creating a killer online dating profile.

1. Did You Present Yourself Looking Confident Or Insecure?
Due to social norms, many men and women tend to present themselves in a way that will make them look favorable or desirable by others. In other words, people do their best to make them look appealing as much as possible in their dating profiles. This might sound harmless, but keep in mind that if you try too hard to find someone, people may think of you as desperate or insecure. So, ask your friend to check out your profile description, and ask them whether you look confident or vulnerable. Remember, you attract people who are similar to you.

2. Do You Sound Too Funny Or Less Funny In Your Profile?
No doubt, having a sense of humor is an attractive characteristic in a man or a woman. It’s essential for a long-term relationship. Ask your family or friend, if your online dating profile description makes you look like someone who has a sense of humor. Also, ask if there is too much or too little. Besides, don’t forget to ask if the humor in your profile is funny, sarcastic, sweet or offensive. Also, remember to present your sense of humor in a way that doesn’t look competitive and angry.

3. Does Your Online Dating Profile Make You Look Humble Or Too Self-Deprecating?
Often, men and women tend to make self-deprecating statements about themselves in their dating profiles. In fact, the whole process of creating a profile is odd and inevitably challenging. It’s like selling yourself to your potential boyfriends or girlfriends. But, things can backfire if you’re trying too hard to make yourself look humble without appearing overly self-deprecating. Therefore, ask your friends or family members to tell you whether you seem like an overall package which is you should look both humble and confident.

4. Do You Sound Responsible Or Flaky?
If you want to attract good people to see your profile, you should come across as appealing, no questions about that. But, for a relationship to thrive, both partners will need to be kind, trustworthy, reliable, and honest. Ensure that your online profile projects the type of man or woman you are not just while dating, but equally also in your professional and overall social life. Ask for feedbacks from friends and family whether your profile reflects whether you sound responsible or flaky.

The Bottom Line
When looking for someone online, it’s not possible to create the perfect dating profile, because we aren’t perfect. The primary purpose of a dating profile to make it as enticing as possible is intended to reflect who a person is. The main goal is to have the dating profile reflect your real personality and values, which will help you, find the right partner for you.

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