4 Tips On How To Meet Women In Real Life

Meeting a woman in real life is much more intimidating than sending a woman a message you liked on a dating website. When you meet a girl in real life or online, it can be challenging to know if and should you compliment her before you lose the chance to do it. You need to respectful as well as make her feel the “spark” of attraction towards you.

Here are four steps for you to approach a woman in real life and in a non-creepy way:

1. Grab Her Attention
Approaching a woman may not work for you if you don’t pay full attention while speaking to her. By attention, we are talking about making a full eye contact with her. If she sees you before you strike up a conversation with her, she’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable, and you can also check out her body language such as whether she’s making eye contact with you and smiling. This part is important because you can be clear if she seems interested in talking with you. Sometimes you might need to say, “Hey,” to make look up to you. You might also consider to pause and give her a moment so that she can fully realize that a “guy is talking to me” before you continue with the conversation. Also, try to be as friendly and relaxed as possible.

2. Affirm The Obvious
If you want to talk to a woman and you see her busy or occupied with something reading a book, working on her laptop, or just talking or hanging out with a friend, don’t walk away from it. Wait to say, “Hello” to her. This will make her think that you're considerate and that you realize that she’s busy. Showing her that you’re considerate of whatever is going on for her is a much better approach than waiting for the perfect moment (which in most cases doesn’t come) to say hi to her. Another thing to mention here is not to be overly apologetic, instead only say, ‘Hi, I know you’re busy, but I wanted to say…’

3. Compliment Her
If you want to compliment her, then try to avoid compliments that are too focused on her physical appearance, or very generic. Also stay away from clichés like “you have beautiful eyes,” or “you have a beautiful smile,” as these lines will make think that you’re just another guy trying to make a move on her. Instead, appreciate or compliment her how she’s doing something such as telling her, “I like how focused you’re with this new project,” or, “I admire your designs,” and so on and so forth.

4. Introduce Yourself
After you’ve complimented or appreciated her about something she’s doing, in most situations, she might not know how to continue the conversation. When you’re looking for a woman, a simple way to signal to her that you want to have a conversation with her and to keep it going is to say your name. When she listens to your name, it establishes trust as she gets to know you better on a personal basis. Tell her, “my name is Richard by the way” before she says her name to you. If she doesn’t want to say her name, it means that she’s not interested in you or the conversation. In this situation, you can wish she has a good day, end the conversation and leave.

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