4 Tips on Naturally and Emotionally Touching A Girl

Touching a woman isn’t abnormal if you’re thinking to take your relationship to the next level. Nonetheless, there may be some shyness and awkwardness. It’s because often women feel uncomfortable when being touched. It’s like a barrier that most men looking for a relationship can’t seem to overcome. How to touch a girl naturally and emotionally might sound like a simple question, but it’s challenging one. If you break the barrier using the wrong way with a wrong message, it can backfire, and your girlfriend will think that you’re impolite and insensitive and your relationship will be problematic.

Therefore, you need to know how to touch a girl in a natural and emotional way, and also give some effort to your girlfriend’s thoughts and feelings.

1. Make Sure That She’s Ready
Let’s be clear, a woman’s feelings decide whether you can touch her or not. So, before you decide to touch your girl makes sure her thoughts and feelings welcomes it. Of course, she’ll give you clues for you to understand. For instance, if she wants to be touched, she’ll feel free to stand by you, closer and closer. If she doesn’t, she’ll form a barrier or space with you. Also, her gestures and body language will also tell you if she’s ready. If your girlfriend smiles, laughs a lot and looks into your eyes, it means you can make your move. If not, you’re off the track, and if you touch her, it could send off bad emotions, and the result might be wrong. Therefore, if you’ve no idea on how to touch a woman, it’s imperative to make eye contact with her and try to figure out what’s her feeling is because the eyes always tell the truth. Apart from eye contact, you also need to be closer to her while touching her.

2. Make Your Touch Casual and Light
Another vital tip on how to touch a girl is touching her lightly and casually. First, start by casual and friendly touches as this will give her some time to react to your first touch. If you take things too far too soon right from the beginning, she’ll become angry and doubt your personality. You can start by putting your hand on her back softly, casually rub her head, or allow your hand closer to her. These gestures won’t make her feel uncomfortable, which will give you hints whether she likes you or not. Always be a gentleman, and try to make your touches as natural as possible.

3. Don’t Touch Her Face So Soon
Many women are extremely sensitive when it comes to who can touch her face. They don’t know anyone who is unfamiliar to them touch them in the face. So, consider her body language when you want to touch her face. Don’t make her disappointed and upset. Try to be comfortable with each and enjoy each other’s company, before thinking about that touch. When she feels it’s time, she’ll welcome you to touch her face and will also find it very sweet. This is, in fact, an important factor in your relationship.

4. Don’t Rush, Take It Slow
While touching her make your touches longer than necessary. When it comes to touching a woman, take it slow. If your gal feels comfortable with your touches, make the touches last a little longer. For example, while leading your girlfriend through the restaurant door, put your hand on her back and hold it for a few moments, even after both of you are inside already. Prolonging your touch will improve your relationship and help you to be closer and intimate with her.

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