4 Traits Women Look For In While Looking For A Man

Women always prefer men who exude a distinct sense of masculine energy. This masculinity shows in your appearance, the way you talk, your behavior and even in your intellect. In fact, masculinity is the very essence of being a man. But, how can you do to highlight your masculinity? What can you do to increase your sex appeal to women more?

Below are some tips that will improve your masculine energy as well as your appeal to women:

The Look
A lot of things that can make you appear more masculine. Trim your hair short, clean and groom your facial hair, wear well- tailored and perfectly fitting clothing that highlights your fit physique will all make your appearance more masculine. A beard will surely enhance your appearance. Women like their men to sports beard as it makes them look more serious, confident, active, well- traveled and worldly. If a full beard is not your thing them a light stubble can give you an edgy, bad-boy look. But if you want to have that rugged, mountain man look a full-on beard is your only option. Some ladies simply love the feeling of rubbing their delicate faces against the beard when they kiss a man. Combined with a full-on beard and a nice suit or even casual work attire, a beard will definitely give you a more masculine look.

Reliable and honest Character
It’s not only a man’s masculine appearance that entices them; they’re looking for a reliable and honest character too. Honesty is a top trait that women look for in their dream man. Deceptive behavior will not take you far in your romantic relationship. Even if a man has difficulties in expressing himself, women value a man who can communicate his opinions, views and the truths he holds dear.

Reliability is another quality women look for their mates. Reliability and honesty go hand in hand as reliability is more about your actions and less about words, which is honesty. Being reliable means you show up in time on dates, honor your promises, keeping appointments and knowing how to take care or fix something like knowing how to work on cars, change a tire or home maintenance.

In Touch With Your Feelings
Most men don’t like to talk about their feelings, but women like a man who is in touch with his feelings. A man who is willing to confront his thoughts and emotions and authentically articulate them is incredibly sexy and appealing to women. If you’re in touch with his feelings and thoughts, it will help you to understand your partner's feelings better as well. It makes you appear capable, reliable, caring and aware of your own and others feelings.

Having A Sense Of Direction And Purpose
A man who has a strong sense of direction in accomplishing their goals is very appealing to ladies. Women feel very attracted to a man who is active in pursuing his goals and accomplishing his ambitions. It shows them they’re passionate about things outside their relationships, it doesn’t matter if it’s personal hobby or a professional activity such as designing your own motorcycle, or writing a book.

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