4 Types Of Men Who Aren’t Ready For Marriage

While many couples are just having fun in their relationships and looking to be happy, other couples have a long-term goal to get married. Obviously there's no rush to tie the knot, but for many women they want to know the guy they're involved with has a commitment in mind. If your goal is to find a husband, you don't want to waste any time with a guy who has no intentions of becoming one. How can you tell early on that your new guy does not have nuptials on the mind?

Below are four types of men who women find aren’t ready for marriage:

1. “I need help” Guys

This “need help” kind of guy is entirely rooted in his own insecurities. This type of guys only talks about his problems. He rarely talks about his girlfriend’s issues or anything about her. He only wants a woman to be by his side because it makes him feel worthy and gives him a sense of purpose. Therefore, he always keeps asking her to help him until he’s fully prepared for marriage. Guess what: He will never be ready. Years will go by and he will keep finding excuses for things he wants to resolve before he gets married.

2. “Let's not discuss marriage” Guys

Since most men know that women believe in words, not actions, this type of guys hardly talks about marriage with his girlfriend. They know that’s what their girlfriends want to hear, so they won't say it at all. This kind of guy hopes that by avoiding the subject altogether, his girlfriend will never bring it up on her own. If she does bring it up, she'll probably get the cliche, “Let's not talk talk about that. We're not ready for that!”

3. “Let’s discuss marriage” Guys

This guy likes to talk about marriage, but never follow through with any plans for it. He will keep talking about marriage as long as his girlfriend likes. This kind of man discusses it in great detail, such as where will he get married, how the wedding arrangements are like, what kind of house he will buy, what kind of furniture he will have and so on. When his beloved asks him about his dreams, he will say whatever she wants and likes. It is okay for men to talk about marriage when they are in a relationship, but if there’s no action, only words, then we have a problem. These kinds of guys are all talk and aren’t ready to be husbands.

4. “Let's have fun first” Guys

These guys are looking for fun. These types of men treat relationships like a game. They stick to the relationship for the thrill. They think of it as a new adventure where they can have some good time. These men aren’t interested in future plans such as marriage, kids, family, or settling down with one woman. When you ask them what they want from a relationship, they will tell you they want sex and want to have some fun. If you bring up the subject of marriage, their mood and face changes and the fun ends.

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