4 Warning Signs That the Person You Love Doesn’t Love You Back

A relationship is a two-way street. Meaningful communication is the key to a healthy, long-lasting relationship, and the lack of two-way communication between partners is the main reason why couples break up. If you are in a relationship with someone, how can you tell when the person you love doesn't love you back? If you think that you are in a one-way relationship, you want to look for the red flags that your partner does not love you.

Here are four warning signs that can help you to tell whether your current relationship is worth pursuing or not:

1. She doesn't initiate contact.

Ask yourself who initiates most of the conversations? Are you the one always calling and texting your girlfriend? Are you the one who calls her multiple times in a day? When you call or text your girlfriend, does she take a long time to respond? Does she ignore you? When you are in love, initiating contact comes naturally. You want to talk and share things with each other. Depending on the nature of both of your personalities, it may appear to be more natural for one of you to initiate contact. But that doesn’t mean that only that person will do most of the initiation in the relationship. Both parties should be engaged actively. The communication in the relationship should be balanced, whether it is a phone call, text message, or even an email.

2. She feels distant.

Does your woman feel distant when you are together? Does it occur to you that her mind is somewhere else when you spend time with her? Does she listen when you speak? Does she talk? Does she look lonely, bored, or uninterested, when she’s with you? If so, this may be a sign that she doesn’t enjoy your company and wants to be with someone else or in another place. Couples who truly love each other spend time with each other and often speak about their relationship. They don’t feel distant. In a healthy relationship, partners don't often seem distant with one another. In a failing or troubled relationship, the distance is obvious.

3. She's not honest with you.

If your wife or girlfriend is being evasive with information, this is one of the warning signs that she does not love you. Honesty and trust are the solid foundation of a healthy relationship. Do you think your spouse isn't fully honest with you? Do you think your girlfriend isn’t loyal to you? If the woman you truly love, loves you back, she will be fully honest and loyal to you even during hard times. She won’t hide anything from you. If you ask her questions, she won’t act defensive or refuse to answer them. She won’t do anything that will make you question the trust you have for her.

4. She doesn't show you much affection.

How do couples express their love for each other? If you are in an intimate relationship, you take the time to understand the needs of your girlfriend. Passion and affection in relationships and marriages aren't just about sex. It’s about emotional intimacy and connection. It’s about words, gestures, touch, and even acts of kindness. Do you see that her affection towards you has changed? Has it become worse? If yes, why is that? Is it because you are forcing love onto your partner and hoping that she will return the same to you? Don’t hope. In relationships and life, hope is a losing strategy.

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