4 Ways To Get Your Seducing Game Strong!

Who doesn’t want to master all the right moves of attracting the other gender and of being a total pro at it? Undoubtedly everyone wants it, but little know the art behind it.

When talking about specifically how to impress women, one should first realize that it is much more than just showing all that swag. In fact, there isn’t any way to know for sure what a woman actually wants. For some it may be the sexy good looks, for some intellect and the rest will be all in for personality. Whatever the case may be, playing the safe card is always recommended. And that card is to learn seduction in all the right ways. Seducing never goes wrong and will always attract a woman, no matter how arrogant she may be.

For all those who are wondering and sad on the fact that they still aren’t well aware of the love game, then these smart 4 tips will surely help you get your head in that game.

#1 Less attention, better chances

In order to grab her attention, you must always ensure that your self is always maintained as the object of desire. So how will you ace that? It will only be when she notices that you are ignoring her from the lot. Ignoring her and pretending that you haven’t acknowledged her existence will only increase her attention for you. It is basically working around the reverse psychology, where the more someone runs away from you the more you run after it. This act should be continued even on social networking apps where you should ignore her texts and sometimes not even open them. This will keep her in the constant curiosity and tension. But, you cannot risk her losing interest and this is the point where you should unexpectedly send her a mysterious message to light it all up again.

#2 Her friends are the key

Despite being bestest of friends, naturally every women has some level of jealousy towards the other. Men should know exactly how to capitalize on this one point and when. Whenever she is around, you should try to ignore her and make more conversation with her friends. Compliment them and show that you’re having a good time with them. This one small thing will make her so possessive that she’ll do anything to get your time and attention.

#3 Fake awkward encounters

There can be times when you accidentally run into her at a mall or any other place. Now at that very moment, what you need to do is act as if you have a better place to be at that time and also try to end the conversation as soon as possible and quickly leave. This will put her in that instant state of shock yet an increased desire for you.

#4 Don’t fall for her too soon

There is one thing that will destroy all your chances and that is if you develop feelings for her. If that happens, you’ll get weak and somehow you will lose the real motive behind; which is to get her attracted towards you. Make sure that you leave the love part for the last stage and enjoy the early stages of seduction while you can.

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