4 Ways To Be Romantic After The Breakup

One of the challenging situations in handling a relationship is to rekindle the charm that fades away with a mutual decision of having a breakup. Are you facing this situation currently? If your answer is yes, this article is going to help you through this.

When you let your loved one go but still a part of your heart feels for her/him, your unconscious mind will want to get them back. That is a devastating situation especially when you were in a romantic relationship with your lover. Being romantic with your ex after breaking up is a lot tougher than you can imagine.

However, though it’s not an easy task, you have to go through it to save your relationship and most importantly to ensure your inner peace. Here I will give you 4 tips to be romantic after your breakup and ignite the potential reconciliation-

1. Let them feel that you still care

It will be an awful idea if you let your ex feel that you’re desperate to get them back in your life. Give them some time to heal and cope up with this breakup. If you feel you’ve waited for enough, give him/her a phone call to know how they are and if there’s something you can do for them.

Paying an unexpected visit at their home might seem inappropriate in some cases. However, you can ask them for a cup of coffee to spend some pleasant time.

2. Gift something that your ex loves

Since you two were in a romantic relationship once, you obviously know the things that your loved one likes. Also, who doesn’t love gifts? So, an excellent way to let your partner feel loved even after a breakup is to gift them from their favorite list.

Don’t forget to include a card with the gift that says something like “Have a good day” or “Be happy, always.”

3. If you keep something that your partner loved, return it to him/her

There might be something that you two bought together, but you kept it in spite of knowing how much your ex loved it. If this is the case, tell them to get it back and keep it. That would be a gentle way to show your respect to their likings and your desire to make them feel better.

4. Give them romantic ideas making sure you don’t involve yourself in it

If you two are having a friendly conversation these days and things are a bit easier than before, give them some romantic ideas that they can apply in their life. It will let them feel you’re a good friend who wants them to be happy, nothing else; who knows if they’re still single and these ideas actually will be in your favor! Your ex might start missing the romantic days you two had once and thought of you again.

These are some good ways to be romantic after the breakup because none of these suggestions will provoke your partner and let them feel that you’re begging. Be confident and put your best effort to get them back into your life happen.

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