4 Ways to Spot an Insecure Man

Insecure men come in all shapes and ages, and most of them don’t even know that they’re insecure. Though a small percentage of men will admit about their insecurities to you, but the majority of them are simply too embarrassed and ashamed of them feeling insecure about themselves, let alone to you. This is important, and we will decide whether if it’s okay for you to tell your man just how insecure he is, at the end of this discussion.

He Frequently Asks For Reassurance

Insecure men will regularly turn to other people for reassurances. Deep within, insecure men don’t believe they’re good enough, so they always ask others for validation to make them feel better about themselves. The problem here is their “feeling good” moment only last for a short time. After ten minutes, they will beg for reassurances again as that “feeling good” have gone. In a nutshell, insecure men will frequently ask for others opinion. The same applies about their physical appearances also. Lastly, they will recall their past successes and ask for confirmation from others as well.

Insecure Men Always Compare Themselves to Others

Insecure men frequently compare themselves and their daily social lives with others. They are desperate for more power and control than they currently possess. Men who feel insecure compare themselves to men at work, always confirming who is more successful or not, they compare their physical appearances with other men. Insecure men have a tendency to jot down men from all walks of life, which makes them feel good about themselves.

Insecure Men Obsess About Trivial Things

It’s pretty easy to through insecure men; even though most of them believe no one can find the truth about them. Insecure men are burdened with internal anxiety, and people can see it. They are bubbling with anger deep within, and one can easily find out their anger and how bitter they’re in their professional and social lives. What’s upsetting is that most of them don’t see to acknowledge and they would put you down if you point it to them. They don’t realize how many people they have put down and how it is affecting in accomplishing their life goals.

Insecure Men Get Defensive Easily

It’s the loved ones of insecure men who get the most frustrated while dealing with them. If you tell insecure men that they are wrong about something or challenge them, they get defensive. They’re very egoistic, and their ego can’t take a lot of blows. Men with insecurities are fragile that most individuals, and only their close friends and family members and their romantic partners who really knows how insecure they really can be.

Overall, it can be quite frustrating to be in a relationship with an insecure man. Or let say, if you want to be frustrated on a daily basis while being in a relationship, date someone who feels insecure and defensive. The only way to deal with an insecure man is through empathy. No one wants to feel insecure, and an insecure man hasn’t figured out about himself yet. You can suggest him to talk to a psychologist for therapy and what he does with that advice lies entirely with him.

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