4 Ways Thinking About Sex Will Lead to A Better Relationship

When it comes to relationships, we reflect on a lot of things. But, are you thinking about the right stuff? We all want to have healthy and long-lasting relationships. Love and sex makes the world go around. We’re human; it’s what we do. Now it’s been discovered that thinking about sex is as important as having sex in romantic relationships. In other words, the ultimate key to a better relationship is to think more about sex.

Yes, you heard that right! The more you think about sex, the better your relationship will be. However, this doesn’t mean you folks in relationships should just start having more sex. It actually means that you should increase your raunchy thoughts. Eventually, thinking about sex more helps men and women in loving relationships.

Researchers have found that men and women who were exposed to sexual stimuli, images or thoughts, were highly likely to open up about themselves and date someone with whom they can share their feelings and thoughts. Psychologists have always said that a person needs to be sexually aroused to initiate sex with a partner. They also said sex is a way to start emotionally bonding. The human is designed to forge relationships, and when we are dating or in a relationship, we have sexual desires, and sexual desire makes us chatty. Being chatty actually comes in handy a lot when people first start dating. Chattiness is also suitable for couples in long-term relationships. When people are thinking about sex, emotional intimacy gets initiated. Whenever people think about sex and later share his or her personal stories, it makes the other person attracted to them

Here are some suggestions that will be helpful to cultivate this sexually driven chattiness and lead to a better relationship:

1. Be aware of it and be cautious with whom your start talking to. Sharing too much with the wrong people won’t do much help to better your relationship.

2. Pay attention to your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you notice them being extra romantic, it may be a good time to chat. But, keep in mind not to bring up any marital issues.

3. Don’t talk too much. Don’t give away too much information. At the same, it’s also not nice to just blabber away at your partner about every little emotion or thought. Instead, open up slowly and give your significant other time to speak. Don’t have the spotlight all to yourself.

4. Create a sexy environment. If you’re thinking of giving your physical and emotional closeness a little push, consider crafting a charming and sexy atmosphere. Light candles for dinner, play romantic music or wear something that looks hot. If your significant other is in a happy, open and sharing mood, have sex with them.

When you’re dating someone or you are in a relationship, thinking about sex is as important as having sex. Thinking about sex more than usual can lead a healthier, better relationship.

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