5 Big Mistakes Guys Make In Relationships

People mess up intimate relationships all the times, and there are so many ways to do it. For men, who are looking for or already in relationships, there are some mistakes that you just can’t make to get their girl and keep her. If you’re one of those guys and happen to make those mistakes, fortunately, you can avoid making those mistakes again by investing a little effort.

So here are the five biggest mistakes men make in relationships:

  1. You don't acknowledge her presence

We aren’t talking about gifts to give your girlfriend that will make feel good and special. We are talking about a gift of another kind, which are the qualities and traits that make you feel good.  Be crystal clear and adamant on who you are and what you want in a relationship. Do what you say and if you say something mean it. If you’ve had problems, solve them. If you’ve had conflicts, face them and resist them. Sure this feels good to you and feels even better to the ladies as it makes them feel safe and protected.

  1. You don't understand women

Sure, it’s difficult to comprehend a woman’s mind, her emotions, and feelings fully for a man. It’s logical and makes sense. When you notice that her feelings aren’t interfering with your boring and strict status quo, instead it brings a welcoming change that livens up your universe and makes you experience fun, excitement and passion, then we can tell you “get” women. You’ll also see her making your world better every day.

  1. You might be scared or intimidated by her

We understand that as a guy, you want to be in control, but the truth is feminine energy is all about flow. Men can’t hold this “flow” forever, and this feminine energy will become challenging to control effectively in the long-term, either. Even for the tough guys, this will be difficult to control. If you want to make your girlfriend happy and a healthy relationship, learn how to respect it, ride it, and accept it as part of life and the relationship as a whole. This is much better than controlling it.

  1. You didn’t make her your priority

Women respond to adoration and praise. She craves for your presence and attention. You heartfelt focus and a compliment will light her up from the inside. Sure, sometimes, due to work and providing for her, you might ignore her or overlook her. At times, she’ll think that you’re taking her for granted. It is okay and is expected, but there should be a balance. And if you don’t make her feel desired and special for a very long time, there will be problems in the relationship. Remember; don’t make someone or something more important than her.

  1. You're oblivious to her feelings

When you’re dating a woman, try to understand how emotions work in her. You’ll need to become consciously aware of how feelings of a woman work. Or else, you’ll struggle with all your romantic relationships with the ladies. When it comes to emotions, you don’t need to fix anything, even though we keep on thinking to fix problems in the relationship. All you’re required to do notice them, acknowledge them, go through them while supporting and showing compassion to her.

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