5 Breakup Phrases That Hint The End of Relationship

If you’ve been startled by a breakup, it’s highly likely that you failed to pick up the subtle and not-so-subtle cues that your partner has been giving to end the relationship. Some men and women are blessed with super-sharp perception and can see the little hints, while others need everything to be said to them. If you think you fall somewhere in between, then you shouldn’t overanalyze every significant other says and does. But, start paying attention when your relationship is at the breaking point.

Here are five breakup phrases that signal your relationship is on the verge of breaking apart:

1. I Think We Need Some Space.
Regardless who says it, this line should never be ignored. Though this phrase doesn’t mean that you two are breaking up, it indicates that both of you need to be physically and emotionally separate temporarily. Time and distance will ultimately decide, whether you and your partner will remain in the relationship or not. Nonetheless, if your partner thinks about the being separate for some time, it’s never good for the relationship.

2. I Will Call You Later.
Tone plays an important role with this phrase. If he or she says this statement with an agitated tone, it implies that ‘you leave him or her alone.' However, the meaning of the word, ‘later’ can be ambiguous. Did they mean today or later next week or month? If you’ve gone from seeing your partner daily from once a month or never, your relationship might be sinking. It can also mean you’re too needy or your partner is busy and finding it difficult to communicate with you. Whatever the situation, don’t push it. Your partner obviously doesn’t want to discuss it now, and if you force them, you might lose them for good.

3. You’re a %*&@$#!!
Calling names and throwing insults is one of the worst ways of disrespect in a relationship. Realize that your relationship is reached rock-bottom when you’re verbally hurting your partner’s feelings and emotions. There isn’t any rationalization, justification or excuse for treating and disrespecting your spouse in this way. Sure, we all overreact during heated situations, but there is a difference in giving constructive criticism and blaming it all on the other person.

4. He Does That! Or She Doesn’t Do That!
When your partner keeps comparing you to someone else or other relationship, it’s disturbing. Whether if it’s a romantic relationship or work, comparisons belittle and undermine people. Maybe your partner is deliberately doing to jeopardize your existing relationship or don’t want to have a fresh start. This kind of denunciatory judgments points that your partner believes your relationship isn’t worthy.

5. No Communication
When you’ve fully stopped communicating altogether with your spouse, your relationship is dead, and probably has been for some time. Break up officially, cut your losses, and move on. You’re doing nothing for the relationship for yourself and your partner either, by clinging on to a loveless relationship.

The bottom line is the signs of deterioration of your relationship will become evident if you be vigilant and sharpen your perspectives. If that’s the scenario, break up, find someone new and move on.

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