5 Common Habits of Highly Sexual Couples

Sex is an important aspect of a healthy relationship, no doubt about it. Some couples have a strong sexual connection, while some couples are having a hard time in increasing the intimacy in their relationship, and making their sex life more passionate and increase intimacy. But couples, who are very sexual, make it easy and less stressful, and they can teach you a few things about sexuality in long-term relationships. But before that, let’s make one thing clear; when it comes to sexual performance and satisfaction, there's always some room for improvement.

Below are five most common things most highly sexual couples can live without:

1. Highly sexual couples spend more time with each other
In dating and relationships, not spending enough quality time together will ruin the love and intimacy. Yes, we all are busy with work and other obligations, and we are so exhausted at the end of the day that sex and spending time with our partners is the last thing we have on our minds. But, sometimes, people don’t like to spend time with partners or ignore, even when they have some time. This will destroy the relationship. Highly sexual couples always prioritize spending time together. So, if you are very busy with your schedule, try to find at least 30 minutes to spend with your girlfriend. Spending with your spouse doesn’t always mean you should have sex; you can do anything you like; talking, kissing, touching, cuddling, etc.

2. Highly sexual couples want to be pleased and please each other
Do you know what is secret to have good sex? It is the act of receiving pleasure and pleasing your partner. Our hectic lifestyles, sometimes, get us so overwhelmed that, we forget our utmost desire to feel pleasure and be pleasured sexually by our partners. We also forget or ignore what are our partner’s sexual needs, and desires are as well. For example, let’s talk about oral sex. Some people love giving it, some people like receiving, but they are reluctant to give anyone of it. However, deeply sexual couples don’t have any problem s with this. Why? Because they love being pleasured and giving pleasure. And they want the same for their significant others.

3. Be confident
Be confident about yourself and your bodies. Because, if you don't feel confident about yourself and the way you look and have low self-esteem, you are less likely to have sex. Learn to love your body, and give your sex life a significant boost.

4. Highly sexual couples talk about sex
One-night stands are easy. They don’t need much work when compared to a committed, long-term relationship. Having a meaningful, passionate sex life in a real relationship needs work. Communication isn’t only important to have healthy, long-lasting relationship; it is also crucial to have a satisfying sex life. So, don’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable to talk about sex. If you tell your boyfriend or girlfriend what you like or don’t like in sex, how can you pleasure one another? So, talk about sex with your partner, so he or she can understand each other’s sexual wants and needs.

5. Highly sexual couples experiment with sex
Having sex in the same position all the time makes the beautiful act of sexual intercourse robotic, monotonous and emotionless. Highly sexual couples experiment with different sex positions, sex toys, and other things to make more enjoyable. So, be creative, experiment, and have sex in different positions.

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