5 Different Stages of Grief Can Catch You After Breakup

Experiencing a loss is tremendously painful especially when it’s about your loved one. When a relationship breaks up, it comes up with five stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Dealing with these stages and going through the hardship associated with them defines your maturity level and the willpower to get over it.

1. Denial
The first stage of grief starts with denying the breakup you just had. Your inner soul might find it difficult to believe it at the first place. This is a shocking stage where you may feel numb about this occurrence. The effect of shock stays for few seconds up to several days depending on the type of breakups you have. It becomes hard for your brain to process the fact that your loved one is not with you anymore.

2. Anger
There goes a saying-
‘A hungry mind is an angry mind.'
Going through a breakup makes your mind unstable; thus it inevitably breeds anger. Research shows that the human becomes hungry for seeking mental peace. You may be angry with your ex for not doing anything to settle this up, or you may blame yourself for the breakup.

Overall, your mind is always on rage. It is the time most of the people make attempts to take revenge or do harm to themselves or their ex. Being mad at this stage is pretty usual, but you should not cross a certain limit. After all, an excess of anything is bad!

3. Bargaining
At this point, when you are ready to sacrifice your self-respect and identity to get relief from the pain. You may do stupid things to get over the situation or even beg to your partner to come back at any cost. Promising your ex that you’ll change yourself to be the perfect one and reorganize the relationship beautifully may sound romantic but it's very dangerous in the long run.

When you choose to end the pain by letting your beloved control your emotion, you place your happiness in their hands. Getting back into the relationship by bargaining with your ex-makes the situation worse since you no more have the freedom to feel something from your heart and implement them accordingly.

4. Depression
You are already sure about the relationship that the relationship is over and bargaining is not going to work anymore. Unfortunately, this stage lasts for the longest period. If you were in a beautiful long-term relationship, depression could punch you in the face real hard. The emotions become so sharp and brutal that some people make suicidal attempts to end up with life.

5. Acceptance
Acceptance is the stage when you’ve realized the consequences of the breakup that you have to endure. Your love for your ex may still be alive, but your maturity has finally won over your emotions. This stage is less of the pain and more of the new hope, encouragement, and the self-motivated decision to move on with life!

The stages discussed here are more or less the same for most of the people, but it’s up to you on how you want to adjust with them. However, take the best decision that can turn your grief into an improved version of yourself so that you can start a brand new relationship later on.

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