5 Difficult Relationship Challenges and How To Fix Them

Marital and relationship challenges go hand-in-hand. They come in all shapes and sizes. If you're upset and feel disconnected in your relationship, you aren’t alone. Keep in mind that almost half of all marriages end up in a divorce. That will give you some perspective. Anyways, when you’re in a relationship, you’ll face a lot of challenges.

Here are some difficult relationship challenges and how you can fix them:

1. Unrealistic Expectations

This is a very common problem that all couples face. You see, people are always changing and so are their expectations. Pause for a moment, and ask yourself if you are the same person you were five years ago. You  will probably say “no.” If you can’t stop yourself from changing, how can you expect your partner to be the same person they were five or ten years ago? Embrace the change. It’s inevitable.

2. Feeling Bored Or Tired With Your Relationship

If we keep doing the same thing over and over again, we get bored or tired of it. The same thing can occur in a relationship or marriage. It starts feeling like the same thing after a while. It’s at this time or phase in the relationship when you and your partner need to take some drastic initiatives. If you would like to try or do something new, share it with your boyfriend or girlfriend. For example, you can plan a date night, go on a weekend getaway or buy a new dress, and so on and so forth. All these will surprise your partner and can lead to the right things.

3. Long Periods Of Stress

Nowadays we are dealing with more stress than our parents and grandparents. We are dealing with all sorts of stress like work-related stress, mental health issues, financial problems, sickness, child woes, etc. Our lives are rife with many challenges. When we are anxious and stressed out, it’s easy to take it out on our partners. This will create even more stress and problems, and the relationship can end. If you’re feeling stressed in the relationship, be supportive towards each other. Practice patience, improve your communication skills, and let your significant other know that you appreciate them for all the things they’ve done for the relationship.

4. Lack Of Care, Concern, And Attentiveness

A romantic relationship is a two-sided affair. You can’t have a healthy, long-lasting relationship if you feel the relationship has become one-sided. For example, some women gave up their prolific careers and spending time with friends so that they can take care of the kids and family. Meanwhile, the husband works late most of the time and leaves you with all the responsibilities of the children, which leaves no time for yourself and the relationship. You feel resentful. Talking about it with your partner doesn’t help much. You can improve the situation by doing your part or helping your partner in it.

5. Lack Of Physical Intimacy

This means that you aren’t feeling attracted to your partner like you used to feel or there are some issues with your libido. Lack of sex in a romantic relationship is quite common and can happen to even the best relationships. There are many reasons for this. You’re stressed out from work, depression, sleep deprivation; you’re taking some medications, and much more. You can improve your sex life by scheduling sex. You'll see noticeable changes in your libido and attraction over time.

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