5 Don’ts of Breakup Etiquette

A relationship binds two people with the same thread that is expected to remain as it is for eternity. But, life is not like raindrops on the roses all the time, isn’t it? It has got some crucial stages and dealing with them is a part of being alive.

When you and your partner seem to disagree on staying threaded up anymore, it shows the sure sign of a breakup. Though it’s the most pathetic part of a relationship, you should not fall short of your conscience. Who knows if something better is on your way? Let me introduce you with 5 don’ts of breakup etiquette that you should follow in your life-

1. Letting others know that you’re doing great
Don’t you think it’s too normal to be upset after a breakup? Of course, it is! Pretending to be alright in front of the people is certainly not going to make you feel better. So, let others know that you’re at the worst stage of your life, upset, helpless. It is not going to make you a laughing stock rather your true friends will then find a valid reason to comfort you by discussing your problems and finding the best solutions to heal your pain.

2. Planning to take a revenge
Taking revenge on the person you used to love yesterday is the worst possible thing you can do. Never plan to harm your ex even if they have done a lot to you. If you owe something from them, arrange a formal discussion and sort things out as if you nothing happened between you two. An act of revenge only breeds hatred and bitterness which will make it tough to heal the wounds.

3. Begging to forgive you
Though it’s nothing wrong to seek forgiveness but begging is highly inappropriate! Remember, your personality is your asset. Begging will do nothing but belittle you in front of your loved one. It will eventually end up in creating a poor image of yourself. So, take your steps wisely because getting a rejection upon seeking forgiveness is not only regretful but also a great sign of humiliation.

4. Stalking your ex at the social platforms
Using social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram is very common these days. Your ex might love to put his/her updates or uploading photos on these platforms to share with their friends. You should not stalk them and keep a watchful eye on their updates. Let them live their life! Unfriending or unfollowing them will help you forget them quite faster.

5. Living with loneliness
You may consider it a good idea to isolate yourself from your friends so that you can avoid their awkward questions. But the reality is – your best friends are always ready to walk an extra mile for your happiness. Break the discomfort and stay with them as much as possible.

Above all, don’t take too much pressure on you. Avoid being crazy and going out of control. Since you cannot change the consequences, go through it. Time heals everything!

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