5 Facts About Dating a Person With Depression

Depression is the worst thing that could happen to a person. If you aren’t depressed, you should be grateful. Depression makes you continue to sink no matter how hard you try to stay afloat. Whether you have been depressed for a few days, weeks or months after a traumatic incident or breakup, it can take a toll on your relationships. While it can be challenging to date someone with depression, these individuals are just as capable of love as anyone else. If you are dating someone who suffers from depression, you need to understand that they behave differently in relationships.

Here are five ways that someone with depression behaves in a relationship:

1. Depressed people sometimes emotionally retreat.

Depression is tricky. Your lover might withdraw themselves without any wrongdoing on your part. Sometimes you will see that it has no rhyme or reason to it. Remember, your partner's depressed state is not your fault. Your spouse might just retreat, which is good as you don’t have to deal with her unpleasant feelings. Besides, your partner will also be able to express themselves without making you feel sad. So, give your depressed partner time to retreat until they can return without any serious intervention. But if you notice that your partner has surrendered to a serious level of depression, you need to step in.

2. Depressed people may not want sex like they used to.

Individuals who are depressed often have a low sex drive. Sometimes people may seek out more sex to wash away their sad and dull feelings. However, most depressed people don’t like to have sex often. But among them, some find sex therapeutic as it helps them to mitigate their depressive state. This is fine as long as this person isn’t looking for sex outside of their relationship or marriage.

3. Depressed people are good listeners.

This may seem weird, but depressed lovers are often great listeners. It’s because they have spent many hours attentively listening to the sad and not-so-sad voices always yapping in their heads. Your depressed partner will want to be by your side and listen to the things that are stressing or upsetting you.

4. Depressed people are empathetic toward people with mental health issues.

Depression makes people kind and empathetic to other folks. The reason is simple, as they understand how it feels to deal with mental health problems 24/7 because they are also dealing with it. One primary mental health issue depressed people experience is mood swings. One day you find them in an awful mood, the next day you see them  happy, and after a while, they get depressed again.

5. Depressed people are sometimes selfish.

If you have come across a depressed person while looking for a relationship, you will sometimes find them to be selfish. But, as we said earlier, depressed people make great listeners. Sure, depressed people don’t want to be selfish deliberately, but at times their actions make them feel like they are trapped in their own world with their gloomy thoughts. If you want to get rid of this depression, be a supportive partner that will improve your lover's life experiences.

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