5 First Date Conversation Rules That Should Be Dropped

Most of us are familiar with first date rules. They say don’t talk about religion or politics; they tell us to be polite, keep smiling, and be cool because in reality we get serious and talk about what we what to get out of our relationships and life. Most of these rules were invented to keep our first date less stressed and stay away from having conversations about serious topics. But, if you want to have a serious relationship, time has come to discard these rules and get more personal on the first date.

Below are five first date conversation rules that need to be dropped:

1. Talk about what you’re looking for. Most men and women on their first dates ask each other what exactly they are looking for in a relationship. It is a rhetorical question because if you don’t know what are looking for in a date, why bother to go on a date in the first place? Dates should be places where you can talk about the future. If you and your potential partner aren’t on the same page or doesn't know what he or she is looking for in a romantic relationship, then it’s a total waste of time and energy.

2. Talk About Religion. If you are a religious or spiritual, or simply passionate about religion, then you should date someone who shares that with you. Talk about religion and mention about the importance of faith in your daily life, but don’t preach it. Also, don’t judge someone because their religious beliefs don't align with yours.

3. Talk About Your Family. When meeting someone new, it’s important to talk what family means to you. Don’t only talk to your existing family, but the type of family you wish to have in the future as well. Discussing your parents, your siblings, and share any family traditions you like with a potential partner is a nice way to get to know more about each other.

4. Talk about what you do. If you’re passionate about your work, let your date know about it. Tell about what kind of work you do, why you like it, tell about a funny incident that happened in the office last week, and so on. However, keep it brief and engaging. Don’t rant about the bad sides of your of work, or how annoying your coworkers are.

5. Open up about yourself. Don’t get scared about telling your potential partner who you really are. Be honest, open up and talk about yourself. Tell the story of what you did on your last vacations or the charity you volunteered for. Let your date get to know you more about you. Do keep in mind to allow the conversation to both directions. Share some details about and then ask your date to talk about them. Ask questions, but don’t interrupt or interrogate. If there is something that you’re very passionate about, talk to your about it.

If you’re looking for a happy and fulfilling relationship, there shouldn’t be any rules of what you need to talk about, unless if it isn't important. Asking personal question helps in bring two strangers closer in a date and fosters vulnerability, which is an important quality for a committed, loving relationship.

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