5 Fool-Proof Rules for a Great First Date

Few things in life are as exciting as a first date. Even the anticipation of meeting someone new to love is in itself a whole new experience. But, sometimes, due to sheer excitement and being oblivious to the unknown we do something stupid and ridiculous and the first date turns into a nightmare. It’s a perfect set-up to look stupid.

Here are five rules you need to follow to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed by stupidity on a first date:

Rule 1: Leave All Your BS At The Door

While having a conversation on the first date, do not add information to your story or theirs. This is a pretty common mistake that most women make on their first date. It’s understandable all those chemicals are messing with your head. Therefore, don’t create their back stories for them, or fill in their blanks and gaps.

Rule 2: Stay Away From Props, Special Effects, Or Costumes

We said earlier to discard all of your B.S. conversations at home. It’s also imperative you leave all the unnecessary embellishments at home. Don’t go dressed up like your favorite character, or even worse, be someone that you really aren’t. After all, this is a real date with a real person; it’s not the theatre. If you wear makeup, be recognizable when you take it off! Men and women fall in love with pictures and impressions, and you must uphold them no matter what to maintain the relationship. If any of these things are false or fake, prepare for disaster.

Rule 3: No Excuses, Settling, Or Fixing

Regardless of what you do to explain or justify, a red flag will always be a red flag. If you’re dating someone new and realize that what he or she is saying something too good to be true, then you’re dating a liar. You know this from experience, and experience has taught you well. Brushing away your potential matches less attractive qualities may work in the short-term, but it will destroy your relationship in the future. If it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. Discard it and move on.

Rule 4: Don’t Judge Or Compare

This rule is the most important rule of all. You might be thinking, “what’s wrong to judge people and stuff?” The thing is, by categorizing, labeling, comparing, and judging in any way or manner, you will limit your scope to enable your match's expansion and growth. The more you compare, label, or judge, the more you’ll have thoughts and fears that someone else is deciding or have judgments on you.

Rule 5: Be Who You Really Are, Don't Create A New Identity

Don’t create a new personality or identity to impress your date. A lot of men and women looking for a partner do this and end up miserable. Don’t tell him or her that you’ve traveled all the continents, stopped world hunger, won an award for being the best volunteer, won five marathons, or whatever. Don’t do this. Once the cat is out of the bag, you can’t put it back in. Just be yourself, you’re far better than you think are. So, don’t screw it up!

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