5 Lies That Men Are Told About Women

You've probably heard your co-workers or sisters complaining about their boyfriends or husbands now and then. You have read countless articles on what women want in their relationships. You know about the five love languages. You consider yourself a love guru.

So why is it that you are still single? Why is it that none of your relationships seem to work? Why are you telling yourself that loving a woman is so hard? It might be that you believe one of these five lies men are constantly told about women that are killing your relationships:

Lie #1: Women don’t care about sex.

Sure, sex drive varies between men and women. And it’s true many women have a high libido. Unfortunately, bad or passionless sex will kill a woman’s desire to have sex. Ladies will also lose interest to have sex if they have to initiate sex. Besides, women also want sex for different reasons. Sometimes women want to have sex to feel close or intimate with their partners. So, select a relaxed time and ask your girlfriend if she wants more or less of it in the bedroom. Ask her what she loves most about making love with you or which sex position she likes. Also, don’t forget to ask her what her sexual fantasies are!

Lie #2: Women aren’t fine.

This is by far one of the significant communication gaps between men and women. Women often tell their partners that they are fine, but they aren’t. Women say this when they find their partners unreasonable or simply want to avoid conflict. In this situation, all they want is some love, compassion and a few curious questions to open up to you. So, the next time you see your girl telling you she’s fine, do as we did.

Lie #3: Women don’t cheat.

When it comes to infidelity, it’s the men who take most of the blame. It’s common to hear people say that men cheat more than women. The truth is that women cheat just as much as men. However, ladies are less likely to cheat in a relationship, but they will cheat in their marriages as much as men do. If you think that your partner is cheating on you, discuss it or engage with a therapist.

Lie #4: Women will stop being clingy and possessive once married.

Needy, cling, and possessive only appear in a relationship if one of the partners is feeling highly insecure. If your girlfriend is feeling seriously vulnerable, take help from a competent counselor or therapist before moving in together or getting married. If you want her to be a good partner, she needs to trust you and herself.

Lie #5: Men are responsible for a woman’s happiness.

This one is huge. Since childhood men are taught that it’s a man’s duty and responsibility to please the woman they love. Men are told their self-worth and empowerment depends on a woman’s happiness. The truth is that you cannot make anyone happy or unhappy. We are responsible for own happiness. Women don’t want men to fix their problems. They want men to help them. If the woman you love is feeling depressed or unhappy, ask her why. Listen to her. Do everything you can to contribute to her happiness. But, don’t be responsible for it. That’s her job.

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