5 Qualities Of Good Men That Women Find Incredibly Attractive

What is that in men, women find attractive and utterly irresistible? What are the qualities that make bad boys look like babies? Women don’t like to date bad boys because sooner or later, they will abandon them leaving them high and dry? They might be a lot of fun, but that’s not real fun. You see bad boys lose their appeal when they start dating women above 21. Bad boys have little chance of being in a committed relationship with a mature woman. So, if you are looking for a healthy relationship, it’s time you lose your bad boy image and become a “good man.” People always tell that good men are hard to find, but not impossible to find. They exist!

Below are the qualities of a good man that the ladies find incredibly attractive:

1. A good man is handy
Women love a man who can fix things. Not only that they love men, who can also fix things for them. It doesn’t mean that women are helpless or don’t want to get their hands dirty. It’s because it shows that you want to help them and make things better for the woman you care and love.

2. A good man loves giving back rubs and massages
A good man will always give back rubs and massages to his partner. And yes, she will return the favor to you. But, the ladies simply love a man who gets his hands all oily and sore and tries to get rid of all that tension from the woman he loves.

3. A good man supports you
There are few things as attractive and sexy when a man comes to stand beside his significant other during a crisis. A guy who is always present and always shows up for you and supports you when things get hard and messy is surely a good man. This man is giving, generous, and unselfish. So fix her car when it breaks down, make her a bowl of soup when she’s sick, or comfort her when her dog dies. Women really love it. Bad boys will never do these things. They will never be there and will always give excuses.

4. A good man doesn't try to hide who he is
A good man is always open and honest about who he really is to his girlfriend. He will tell her his flaws, his imperfections, and he will also be honest about your flaws. He won’t keep things secret from you, even if it hurts your feelings. A good man is confident and will stand by your side, even admitting his shortcomings. It’s sexy and good for the relationship.

5. A good man tries to be romantic
When it comes to dating someone, it’s okay if you aren’t “Mr. Romantic”. It’s okay for guys to be less romantic. But, a good man tries his best to be romantic. Don’t be selfish and tell or do anything that might seem romantic to you and your partner. You can take her on a walk on the beach holding hands; you can give her a massage, listen to her, be committed to her, or simply tell her that she looks pretty in that dress you bought for her. Always make an effort to be romantic, don’t shy away from it.


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