5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Give Up On Your Relationship

If you've ever thought of giving up on your relationship, then you aren’t alone. You could be thinking about it right now, wondering if you will be better off if you leave the relationship. Maybe you are considering staying in the relationship and waiting for things to improve, but not sure when that will happen. If you didn’t know already, it’s the lack of proper communication and affection that cause most of the conflicts between couples.

You could leave the relationship now, but you don’t want to be left with regret and guilt. Before making this important, life-changing decision, here are five questions to ask yourself:

1. Do I feel happy most of the time?

All of us struggle in our relationships, even the best of us. It’s true that some challenges make these relationships stronger, but if you find yourself unhappy most of the time in your relationship, then it’s time you question what is happening. No one should be unhappy in their relationship. If there is something that’s bothering you, discuss it with your partner.

2. Am I making time for them?

Nowadays most of us are so busy with our lives and responsibilities that sometimes our relationships take a backseat. We don’t spend enough time with our partners or friends; we don’t socialize, etc. Regardless of how hectic your life is, you should always make time for each other.

3. Do I have regrets?

We aren’t talking about your past regrets here, but the future. How will you feel if the situation in your relationship is the same after a year or two? How will you feel if nothing has changed? Did you wish to do something for the relationship or yourself? Living with regrets will leave you scarred emotionally, more than an unhappy relationship would. So, ask yourself whether it’s possible for you to make these changes and not live with regrets.

4. Do I laugh?

Laughter is the best medicine. Laughter is  the glue that sticks two people in the relationship together during the tough times. Ask yourself: are you laughing more than fighting? Ask yourself how many times a week you two laugh together. Is it more than how often you argue? Be very honest about this. It might be an eye-opener for you. After all, relationships are supposed to make you and your partner feel happy and good; they aren’t supposed to drag you down.

5. Is this relationship bringing out the best in me?

This is the question very few of us ask ourselves, and if we do ask, we aren’t quite sure how to answer it. However, it’s imperative to ask yourself if your girlfriend or partner is encouraging you to be the best version of yourself. Is she constantly pulling you down? Is your partner fulfilling your needs? Is your beloved bringing out the negative emotions in of you? Does your partner and the relationship add meaning to your life? Does your relationship make your life more colorful and richer? Go deep inside of yourself to find the answers and be honest about what you find.


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