5 Reasons the Girl You Like Keeps Rejecting You

Women want their boyfriends or husbands to be confident, caring, and respectful. They want a man who will take time to get to know them. They want a man who shows they are everything to him and knows their worth. Women hate being objectified by men as sex objects. Instead, they want to be his equal partner. Most men, while dating a woman, are busy immersing themselves in sexual fantasies and imagination, but it’s the opposite for women. Instead, they are more likely to pursue a guy who is better than someone looking for a one night stand.

You might not like hearing this, but you know she needs more than just a casual hook-up. Women who are truly worthwhile for you, are difficult to pursue. Her desires and needs are simple: She wants a committed relationship.

Below are five reasons why women keep rejecting you:

1. Arrogance

Only talking about your life isn’t going to take you far. When it comes to dating, you will need to know how you can relate to women, and how you can make them like you. We understand you want to tell your date what kind of car you drive, where you live, what your job is, and the places or countries you visit for vacations. But she will tune you out if you keep talking about yourself. She has no real interest in the things you do or stuff you own. She knows she can provide most of this stuff to herself. The fact is that she’s curious about whether you have the best intentions for her, and if you are genuinely interested in establishing a romantic connection. Don’t act arrogant unless you want her to keep you in the friend zone.

2. You post pictures with other girls

Your egoistic behavior will make her flinch. Women despise a man who wants shows off his physique like it’s a trophy that is to be won at a carnival or a fair. If she realizes that you are a skirt chaser, she will have no interest in dating you. If you are busy glorifying yourself with your other girlfriends, your partner will assume that you feel insecure. She will lose interest in you fast.

3. You are actively aggressive and have poor communication

If you rush things way too soon, get ready to get rejected. Your date isn’t in the mood to have sex with you on the first date. Take things slow and start first by knowing more about her. Women know men have sexual desires, but you need to take the time to get to know her first.

4. You don’t communicate

You need to communicate with her about your thoughts and feelings. If you don’t communicate, she won’t open up to you because she won't trust you enough. Excellent communication and developing a friendship with her shows her that’s she is worth your time.

5. You send her sexually explicit pictures

This is pretty common. Sending her x-rated photos will get you nixed immediately. It makes her think that you are only after sex, not a relationship. Before women can be vulnerable with you, she needs to feel valued and appreciated. She won’t be interested in being in an intimate relationship with you if sexual gratification is all you are looking for. You shouldn’t be sexting her or sending her porn. If you want to be intimate with her, this will get you nowhere.

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