5 Relationship Issues People Dealing With Anxiety Have

Before we start, let’s be clear: If you think that you have anxiety, let your partner know about it. Just doing this will make dealing with anxiety much easier. It’s known fact that too much anxiety will negatively affect us physically and emotionally. But, what about its impact on relationships? When you have anxiety, you feel stressed out and overwhelmed. You start wondering why you are anxious in the first place as you feel that you have them for no reason. This will make you feel confused. If one person in the relationship has an anxiety disorder, it must be addressed and treated accordingly. And if it is left unresolved, it can wreak serious havoc in the relationship or marriage and can result in a breakup or a divorce.

Here are five major ways that anxiety hurts relationships:

1. Anxiety deprives you and your partner of joy
If you want to experience joy and happiness, you need to feel safe. But, if you are anxious, you will be afraid. You feel worried about what will happen next all the time. Anxiety also makes it difficult for you to enjoy sex or be fully intimate with your spouse, both physically and emotionally.

2. Anxiety makes selfish
As you are worried and scared all the time, you focus too much on yourself. You unwanted worries and fears are putting unnecessary strain on the relationship. It is making you act selfishly, and you see yourself not trusting your partner enough. Keep in mind that trust is one of the most important pillars of a committed relationship. Therefore, you should treat your anxiety and improve your trust in the relationship, or it will suffer terribly, and eventually, it will end.

3. Anxiety breaks down the emotional connection with your significant other
Anxiety makes you put less priority on your own needs and your spouse’s needs. When you are stressed or worried about what could happen in the future, you are placing less emphasis on the present. This will be detrimental to your relationship. So, train your brain not to think too much about the future and to remind you of the present. Remember, it’s impossible to predict the future. So, it’s better for you not to get stuck in the future.

4. Anxiety diminishes your true voice
Asking for your true needs can become challenging when you have anxiety. You might also have a feeling to discuss something or do something quickly to reduce your anxiety levels. Sometimes, this kind of thinking can end up being catastrophic or too pushy, which can overwhelm your partner. So, take a break, stop thinking too much, gather the facts, and talk about it later.

5. Anxiety is the opposite of love
Too much anxiousness in a serious relationship will cause you to discard the love your significant other is trying to give you. You start to have doubts about your partner for no valid reasons. This is happening because your fears and worries are taken over you. Remember, if you want to have a happy, healthy relationship, it’s crucial for your partner to feel loved, wanted and desired. And a great way of doing it is by accepting your partner.

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