5 Secrets of the Happiest Couples

Most people will tell you that if you want to have a happy, lasting relationship, you should solidify your bond through love, trust, and communication. Besides, you should also make sure that you and your spouse are on the same page about your future life plans, goals, kids, and finances. But, the most important thing you can do to make your relationship happier is to make every single day of the week a time to celebrate each other.

Here are some things the happiest most and successful couples do every day, and not only on their anniversaries or Valentine’s Day:

1. Kissing and touching each other

When it comes to giving and receiving affection in a serious relationship, there’s something inherently gratifying about it. The act might or might not lead to sex, and both are okay. Just don’t make plans about it. Most couples make a terrible mistake by always expecting that they’ll have sex when they kiss and touch each other. Kissing and feeling each other physically is a part of eroticism in a committed relationship and it doesn’t always need to result in sex.

2. Make coming and going an event

When you leave for work in the morning, don’t just yell, “Honey, good bye,” and shut the door. Similarly, don’t shout, “Honey, I am home!” when you return. Instead, pause for a moment, stop what you are doing when your partner leaves or returns. Look at him or her, greet them, kiss them, hug them, and feel each other's bodies. This will promote and strengthen the feelings of affection and connection. Also, it will make both spouses feel loved and important.

3. Shut off all electronic gadgets

If you want to maintain the romance and happiness in your relationship or marriage, you need to be available and accessible to your significant other most of the time. With distractions, it is challenging to sit, talk, and enjoy each other. So, shut off all your smartphones, tablets and other electronics and spend at least an hour a week hanging out with your partner.  While spending time with your spouse, don't forget to laugh together at jokes your partner tells you. This might sound unusual, but laughing is the key to couple satisfaction.

4. Enjoy a physical activity together

Want to reach the peak happiness in your relationship? Then introduce each other to your favorite workouts, yoga or any other kind of physical activity that the two of you can do together. It’s a great way for a couple to have valuable insight into each other's lives as well as get fit in the process. After all, there is a saying that couples who sweat together, stay together. Well, it’s true!

5. Go to bed at the same time

Most couples have the tendency to stay up late watching TV or Netflix, or doing work, while the other person goes to sleep early. If you and your partner have the same schedules, you'll create closeness between the two of you. Touching and kissing good night to each other in bed is a very intimate gesture in a relationship. Try it at least once every week, in case it’s not possible to do every day.

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