5 Signs Your Boyfriend May Be A Cheating Kind

Ever since you and your boyfriend are in a relationship, you’ve a conniving feeling that there is something wrong between you two. He's been acting all weird, moody, distant, and sometimes he acts too nice. You don’t want to think about it, but somehow you can stop thinking that whether he is cheating on you. No wants to continue to have a relationship with a cheater, but it can happen to anyone of us.

Anyways, here are five ways that may help you decide whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not:

1. He thinks you’re cheating on him. Some people are more suspicious that the rest. But, if your boyfriend is accusing you of not being faithful to him, it’s highly likely that he’s having an affair. Why? Now that he’s convinced that you’re cheating on him, he does the same act, and get away with it. Therefore, if you see your usually happy and gentle boyfriend is all moody and feeling jealous all of a sudden, it’s highly likely that he’s cheating.

2. He became too mysterious. Being with someone new is exciting. You don’t know that person well. Discovering someone well, and who they are all about is a part of the dating process. It’s this reason that makes love and seeing someone new so thrilling. But, if you’ve been in a relationship with your boyfriend for a few months or even years, and you still don’t know much about his work, his past, his friends or family, it could be a sign that he’s distancing himself from you emotionally in a subconscious way. Maybe he has secret he doesn't want you to know, or he’s trying to cover something up. So, beware!

3. He seems to be compensating. If a cheater has a heart, he will feel guilty for cheating. So, if you see your boyfriend is extra sweet to you, and getting you flowers, gifts, saying a lot of “I love you’s”, it a sign that he may be cheating on you. We are telling that every time your man does something nice to you, it’s a sign that he’s having an affair. But, if a sweet gesture instantly follows suspicious behavior, that’s a red-flag.

4. He’s always busy or at work. People tell that if your partner is always busy, or work or it’s hard to reach him or her in person or by phone, it’s possible that he or she is cheating on you. It is a popular stereotype that is true to some extent. Typically, cheaters use work as an excuse to cover up their infidelity because most don’t question it.

5. He has a lot of lady friends. Not only you boyfriend knows a lot of women, he has excellent flirting skills, he can also make be friends with the ladies easily. Being a ladies’ man isn’t always a bad thing, but should make you stop and think, if this is something that you can handle. A man who flirts a lot isn’t destined to be a cheater, but think long and hard if you want to date such a person, as you may find it hard to deal with the competition.

Infidelities are harsh and unfortunate. They destroy love, trust and relationships. So, it’s better you be mentally prepared for it, as we have said earlier, it can happen to anyone, even to most healthy relationships.

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