5 Signs That Your Date Is A Disaster

When we’re dating someone new, we all look for possible flaws in a partner. Because when you’re attracted to someone, it’s easy to forget all the flaws and only focus on the feelings only. Most people, in particular men, have complained that they fell in love with someone, and after few month or even years, they found that they were dating a crazy person. Their partners have revealed their true selves, and they regretted later why they didn’t realize this earlier in the relationship so that they could end it sooner.

Most people are sympathetic towards these folks as they were blindsided with love. Some don’t feel sad for them, as they paid attention about their dates. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating a person for a few months or years, sooner or later, people will show their real character. They’ll reveal they are true personalities for better or for worse. When it happens, you will know about their integrity, character, dedication, and committed in their lives and the relationships as well.

You only need to pay attention and here are five signs that will show if your date is a disaster or a keeper.

1. How does your date treat their family and friends?

Find out how you date treats their friends and family members. Are they generous and helpful to them? How often do they spend time with them? Are they kind towards their friends and family members? If they get sick does your partner shows compassion towards them and take care of them? If your date doesn't love their family and friends, shows little or no compassion towards them when they need it, the chances are that your date will do the same to you ultimately.

2. How does your date talk about their ex?

Does your date constantly talks ill or bashes their ex in front of you and their friends? Are they angry and resentful towards them? If yes, then brace yourself as your date will do the same and talk bad about you in the same fashion, in case, you break up with him or her.

3. Are they good or bad parents?

If you happen to date someone with kids, find out how they treat them. It’s a big indicator to see who they’re as an individual. Do they cater to the needs of their children? Are they active parents? Do they treat their kids like they’re the most important things in their life? Are they providing for them financially? If your date doesn’t make their kids their number one priority, you can pretty much guess what’s in store for you!

4. How often does your date argue?

Does your date freak out or gets overly emotional? Do they fight with your in public and gets very mean? If yes, then it’s time you to get out from that relationship as it’s heading for a disaster.

5. How does your date cope with adversities at life and work?

If anything goes wrong at work or if things don’t go as expected, how does your date deals with it is a great indicator of how he or she will react and handle various calamities in a relationship. Do they get overly dramatic or overreact? Do they break down quickly? It’s okay to get upset if something bad happens, but in life, we have to get over it and move on the next day. If your partner is a drama queen, then please let them go.

So there you go, pay attention to these traits while dating someone new and you’ll get to know the real personality of your partner and never get bamboozled again.

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