5 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back In Their Life

A breakup takes you through a lot of pain, but the amazing thing about being in a relationship is the mutual dependency that creates with the passage of time. So, a breakup doesn’t always mean that you have given up on each other and nothing left between you two. You can fix this up if you want to.

But, do you think your ex wants you back as well? If you were in a long-term relationship, there’s a huge chance your loved one will try to make things up and start the lovely journey once again. Here are some signs that clearly shows her wish to get you back in their life-

1. She agreed on not contacting you but fail

Both of you may agree on ‘no contact’ rule after the breakup but sticking to this agreement is not that easy especially if you were in a romantic relationship. So, if it seems that your ex is breaking the rule and trying to contact you or leaving you a text message, it’s a great sign she wants you to get back.

2. She make ways to seek your help

If your ex really wants to fix everything, she might go to any stage of stupidity! For example, even if she don’t know how to cook, she may seem to be very interested in cooking these days knowing that you’re an expert at this. So, she may knock you seeking for the best recipe or even invite you at home to taste the food she cooked.

3. Sending surprise gifts

Gifts are a great way to express love and dedication. So, your ex might choose to gift things that you’ve always dream having. Attaching a good wish note anonymously can make it more interesting. It’s a great way to let you guess who the person can be. After all, it’s not tough for you to recognize her handwriting!

4. Trying to improve herself

If your partner still loves you, she will always be ready to walk an extra mile for you. So, if your ex is looking more decent and organized than ever and also she is doing great at their workplace; it is certain that she is working on them.
But, how do you know all of these changes or moves? The answer is pretty straight. She is trying in every possible way to let you know her updates and wishing to impress you with all these!

5. Doing crazy things she used to do once

The early days of a relationship are something unforgettable. The efforts to make you smile or having expensive date nights are the things that those early days had blessed you with. So, if your ex seems to do crazy stuff and makes attempts to revert to those early days, it’s a clear sign she wants you back in their life.

These are some of the ways you can feel her interest in getting back to you. However, her sole attempts should not drive you to make a decision against your will. Always put yourself first and get back to her only if you too feel the urge to rebuild the relationship.

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